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2HYPE HOUSE Plays SKRIBBL.IO – Funny Moments

Jesser Reacts
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The 2hype squad play a game on skribbl.io where they take turns guessing what images each player draws. The player who guesses correctly gains points.

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  1. Jesser is so gay Kris put a but and jesser put mopi

  2. I love y'all but you're all trash in spelling lmao

  3. I didn’t even realise Mitchell wasn’t in 2hype I just thought he waa

  4. Yo Jesser. I'm a Dwarf. Nice drawing of thw Dwarf

  5. Anyone else think that jessers drawings were the best/made the most sense

  6. JSR: HE GOT IT boys 2sec later

    the drawing acsly being a dot

  7. This is how many times they said WHAT!!!!

  8. The fact that they can’t spell tongue is so very sad

  9. Jesser: isn’t that a good drawing man? Kris: NOOOOOOO!

  10. I got u jesse it is very hard to draw on keyboard and mouse.

  11. My guy said ass cheek instead of butt cheeks

  12. He is now Because this was eight months ago

  13. R u sure u guys r not 3 years old u can’t spell and u don’t no what a surfboard is toughen? Tongue

  14. kris won the first game cuz his good at spelling

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