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5 dumbass artists play Skribbl.io/Pictionary together

Faline San
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the intro is inspired by danganropa’s character intros, I decided to do a quick sketch of everyone’s persona so it wouldn’t be too confusing for you guys 😀

first time recording and editing a game video properly! This is still teChniCaLLy an art channel I found a loopHOLE

Update: currently Atlas’ pronouns are it/he/mew 😀

Let me know if you guys want to see us play any other games in the future!

Video #3 of me looking devastated in the thumbnail

Bg music used:

Alternate title: me being unable to spell for 20 minutes


  1. Who said ‘ORAORAORAORAORA’ in chat because they are a legend

  2. Pls why am I yelling at you through the screen because you couldn’t guess goofy

  3. Am I linn’s reincarnation or something because that description matches me perfectly

  4. How did that drawing go from tripod to Nicki Minaj to a really pretty house house goth lady-

  5. Who else just randomly found Faline and is binge-watching her videos?

  6. “Is that the man behind the slaughter?”

  7. When she Said denmark i was like yaaaaassssss the forgoten country where i live.


    my friend in the background: that's what she said

  10. I play this game regularly and i keep running into this guy with the username ‘air’ who’s an absolute god at it.

  11. I'm bad at drawing in and I only have one brain cell

  12. The thing that goes s w o o s h s w o o s h

  13. we gay people cant see stars, we only see rainbows

  14. the seaf airy cookie drawing at the start killed me. i have her and i use her for atk and i wanted to draw her but it didnt turn out. this makes me want to reattempt drawing her. Maybe i should draw pure vanilla after i build him too

  15. 00:09 I have now just realized that that is sea fairy cookie's outfit on cookie run overbreak

  16. faline is the most chaotic neutral person i know

  17. I was just playing that and the brush wasn't working so I panicked and left

  18. 18:42

    Mon: "you're doing great!" *put thumbs up*

    Fal: *put thumbs down*

    Atlas: "what do you mean down? :("

  19. can someone pin me the link to the game plsssss

  20. Im filipino and I learned about the solar system ALONE when I was 6 😀

  21. When I heard "Ohio"
    I was like 😳

    It's hard to explain because of Family issues

  22. When you showed Corr & i read " – mom friend" i taught

    "HMMMMMMmmMmMmMM¿¿¿¿¿¿ So youre all just one big awesome dumbass artis family??

  23. youre probably never going to read this but seeing you support neopronouns is so cool n validating :]

  24. 0:57 When it said "I picked blue because it looked concerning" i audibly choked

  25. im from argentina, that makes that scenes 100 times bETTER

  26. Faline San: ITS FOOD
    Mon: Well yes but actually no.

  27. No one:
    My mind at 0:31=
    "Since when was I named atlas?"
    Like I act like him alot lmao💀
    Also this was entertaining-

  28. My Malaysian accent when I’m with my Malaysian friends just goes ⤴️

    Update!: Atlas’ pronouns are it/he/mew :] ❤️

    Edit: I have another friend called Autumn who was supposed to play with us but like 2 hours before recording she got food poisoning and had to rest, so if you see a sad dramatic comment about looking out the window it’s her pls pay respects

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