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A newer better Skribblio BUT WITH TEAMS!

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  1. Mockey mouse was from the anime on Netflix kengan ashura 😂

  2. Whoever had the idea to make this game with team should be raised as the CEO

  3. Nogla: panicking
    Also Nogla: “oh it’s also a city in France-“

    Everyone watching: how he know dat, huh splayn dat… he suppositid be da stupid one.

  4. Liking the sponsor upgrade, I fully believe Raid is a pay to win game

  5. 2:59 what is that😂
    4:12 this is a donkey
    4:55 I love it
    5:54 bruh moment
    6:34 apparently it is a salamander
    8:07 love that they started getting it right while nogla is just confused
    11:11 what the fuc-

  6. Omg I’m so ready for this!!!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  7. Wait did something happened again and Moo isn't in the description or the editor or Marcel just forgot him 🙁

  8. Can we use code Basically for a 50% off

  9. There is a city in France called Brest, it's located on the tip of Brittany, and has a population of roughly 150,000, just a fun fact.

  10. Why did he type trump😂

  11. Love Displate, gotta serenity Displate in my game room

  12. 150 FPS Babey >:) !! – Marcel

    Every animator ever – twitch

  13. It's obvious that Nogla needs to always wear a helmet.

  14. The fact that as soon as nogla said bo2 I knew it had to be Evans chez is just another sign that I’m growing older, time flies

  15. For Pegasus you should just put the beyblade

  16. Had Arby’s this past weekend and thought of you…I’m hooked now lol. Couldn’t stop laughing at this video. Much love Marcel.

  17. Man I sure love wearing a nice crisp boat to work LUL

  18. When I saw "kuukuu clock" my mind went to the Mayan god Kukulkan.

  19. The fart sound effect had me dying for some reason lamao

  20. “150 FPS babey”
    YouTube: best I can do is 60

  21. Should have drawn a fedora on the investigator

  22. Wildcat said that is indeed a cactus .
    I said no wildcat that is a cocktus

  23. Too bad displate steals art and refuses to comply with artists when confronted about it.

  24. that brap sound effect is always funny as gell

  25. I swear if I see another raid shadow legends sopnsership

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