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A Quirk of Art – Jerma Highlights (Skribbl.io)

SuperDazza – Best of Jerma
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Jerma forces fans to draw his own fan art.

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  1. Jerma is actually Picasso, mentally atleast.

  2. Streamer unknowingly makes a new Jerma Rumble character that EVERYBODY will want to see – Super Peter

  3. Thank you for keeping 'I'm so lit right now' in

  4. wow im so happy to see this, what a fun idea for a stream! thanks superD!

  5. i cant believe jerma doesnt know how to write the word alcohol

  6. I never would have imagined such a visceral reaction to a split spacebar

  7. 8:49 Holy shit, this is modern art. Just adding the blue and just about everyone gets it instantly

  8. jermaOdin
    new emotes incoming

  9. Time to get mad about jerma missing obvious things

  10. Jerma fucking up and writing bals instead of bald is such a peepance moment

  11. Super weird that theres ads on this, you're making money by just recording and posting streams…?

  12. This is genuinely one of the funniest things I’ve seen in my life

  13. Jerma should really cut back on the acholol, i hear it can make you bals,and i mean he can't really afford to look like his north is any bigger

  14. Honestly dude why aren't you editing for the 2nd Jerma channel at this point

  15. Why the fuck does he block the top so we cant guess the words?

  16. Playing with Jerma was crazy fun, and drawing jermaOdin at 4am is still one of the most embarrassing things i've ever done.

  17. When did this originally air out of curiosity?

  18. while I was watching this I kept wondering who edited it cause I forgot it wasn't on the main channel :,)

  19. So who actually has the rights to fireman? Jerma didn’t create him did he?

  20. Blocked could easily be misinterpreted as blacked…

  21. Christ has it really been a year since I participated in this? Still remember being shocked that I even managed to join one of these.

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