ALL PRAISE WALUIGI WA WA | Pictionary Online Skribblio -

ALL PRAISE WALUIGI WA WA | Pictionary Online Skribblio

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  1. sidearms' drawings compare to that of picasso himself. He can tell a whole story with the stroke of a brush

  2. Idk why I find it so weird that G writes cursive. Like people actually do that?

  3. Would love to pay top dollar for an art piece from the artist himself, Sidearms

  4. Hey side I turn 18 today can you guys please upload mindnight soon😭 I love you guys so much been here since 2011 I’m a big fan and yeah keep up the good work I’ll be here till you quit x

  5. 3:24 “Is that Monster Reborn?” Can’t slip that Yu-Gi-Oh! reference passed me my man.

  6. Yo side when you getting the crew to play a game of league?

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