Art that makes Leonardo da Vinci look like a chump - Funny Moments -

Art that makes Leonardo da Vinci look like a chump – Funny Moments

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..or trash can
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  1. I genuinely don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed videos more than I do with these, please please please make more of these

  2. Man…. I feel sad that Hitler made our culture's Swastika symbol into something bad… He couldn't even come up with something of his own….

  3. Why did he draw the Palestinian flag even when the word is invisible ??

  4. They addad emeralds in minecraft in 2010 minidumb

  5. 6:04 …did one of them sneeze and then say ow? Because if so that's oddly hilarious

    Also the fact that they pronounced zuzhini as "zuzzini" bothered me for some reason

  6. May be a bit late to the video because I thought the jimmy neutron at the last bit was Jeffery Epstein when I saw the first streak of brown…

  7. Despite how bad Eli's Iron Man drawing was, it does make for a cool optical illusion. Focus on the chat and you should see the arc reactor getting smaller.

  8. Why Smii7y use kinda Russian accent at the begining? It was really fun to hear it.

  9. Smii7y drew the Meta logo right after Mark Zuzhini, this man has insane predictions 👀

  10. you know that syimble has 2 meanings 1. peace and love and other shit 2. nazi

  11. For some reason mark zukini got me and I spit out my water

  12. Drunk watching smii7y when your gf is being mean makes everything better

  13. Leonardo da Vinci walks in says hi you walk out and say see ya chump

  14. Ah yes AT EXACTLY @4:20 swii7y gets it also the girl in the attic is Anne frank

  15. “Put a couple of tissues in your hand and start grippin and rippin”

  16. I was sitting there screaming nature for no reason

  17. That was not the Israel flag. This is: 🇮🇱

  18. By the way that wasn’t a Nazi symbol that was the religious symbol of some shit.
    Don’t believe me search it up I’m not wrong

  19. i was eating rice and man said zuzchini my rice went flying out of my mouth and a laughed so hard that i ended up in the rice plate

  20. Why would drawing a swastika need to be blurred? Just because the symbol was used by the National Socialist Party of Germany, aka the Nazis, doesn't mean it can never be used again. It actually has a good meaning behind it.

  21. I swear blarg horse makes me wanna call it honse

  22. i cant watch these dudes with food or will choke on food or water

  23. i feel like i’d strive in this game with them because i myself am a bad artist and could tell almost every drawing bc of how bad i am 😂

  24. bruh why didn't he put a diary next to anne frank for fucks sake lol, the least he could have done was put a book next to her!

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