Attempting To Draw In - BLOONS Edition! (ft. Tewtiy, Superjombombo, JeromeASF) -

Attempting To Draw In – BLOONS Edition! (ft. Tewtiy, Superjombombo, JeromeASF)

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Attempting To Draw In – BLOONS Edition! Today we’re doing a bloons themed competition with @Tewtiy, @SJB2, and @JeromeASF! Luckily drawing is very cleary my strongpoint.

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  2. the moment I heard "tewtiy": *dislikes video"

  3. It was amazing remember round seven of round three

  4. This video shows the difference between good Bloons Youtubers and bad/annoying bloons youtubers

  5. First drawing lets us see how good isab is at chimps and how much he loves it

  6. when i didnt know btd i thought it was a tick xD

  7. They thought you are too smart so you will not draw such a simple pictures so they didn't guess easy.

  8. ISAB went back to his roots and drew old bloons styles

  9. Tack shooter and Tsar were so obvious that it made those parts of the video painful to watch 😂

  10. I decided to watch with the top of the screen blocked so I could get ISAB’s drawings, and getting insta monkeys before any of them was the highlight of the video for me 😂

  11. 4:09 a tack shooter is literally i think the only pink tower in the game

  12. God these guys are so dumb I don't understand

  13. why did i know that isab would get logs instantl;y

  14. Tewity and Jerome are so annoying smh. They are commenting on everything and screaming about every damn thing. Isab and SJB being considerate by not screaming.

  15. All my favorite you tubers mashed into one epic video!

  16. dude the thumbnail makes me think "tick" and not "tack" every time i see it

  17. Jerome says I'm the master of bloons c a p cap

  18. Ever think that bfb stands for big fricking balloon

  19. Isab: im kinda slow
    Later: when it was b.a.d not even close to finishing
    Isab: Bad

  20. Protip: put a unicode "rtl override" at the end of your scribblr name to make your guesses appear backwards. Tiny bit harder to see what you're going for!

  21. can i get the custom answers all of them at once so i dont need to write them

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