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Auto Skribbl | Custom Words Tutorial | Automating | Python

Manish Devgan
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Auto-Skribbl is a platform that allows people to play custom words game on with complete anonymity from other’s words. It allows you to enjoy the game of with custom words mode without worrying about collecting all the words and then ruining the game for yourselves by taking a look at them.
The UI is very-very basic but gets the job done. If you want to contribute please head to the GitHub repository and create a new issue. If you have suggestions then please reach out on GitHub, WordPress, or even down in the comments. I’d be happy to answer and improve on them.

Author: Manish Devgan

Link to deployed site:
Link to GitHub:
Link to WordPress:


  1. it takes me to the create room site after clicking join game

  2. Thank you, you’re a legend

  3. Its just saying everytime i start it theres no link to tak eme to the game , i waited 3 minutes and it just said ' none '

  4. It does not work, it keeps saying 'none'. can you fix this please?

  5. Hi everyone. I've changed the site completely, in looks and backend. Please check if any issue persists for your case. Please drop it down here or let me know through email.

  6. My man you are big legend keep making websites like these that help and one day who knows how successful you will be,

  7. How come you have only 22 subscribers. You have a fluent English and superb explanation skills. You deserve much more sir🙏

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