BadBoyHalo: 🔴VOD - PLAYING SKRIBBL.IO! with @Dream @Quackity @GeorgeNotFound @Karl and MORE! -

BadBoyHalo: 🔴VOD – PLAYING SKRIBBL.IO! with @Dream @Quackity @GeorgeNotFound @Karl and MORE!

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🔼 Title: BadBoyHalo: 🔴VOD – PLAYING SKRIBBL.IO! with @Dream @Quackity @GeorgeNotFound @Karl and MORE!

📅Date streamed: 21/02/2021

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  1. The people joining was not cool and very disrespectful

  2. DANG- none of my friend would play scribble with me for 30 min 😳 You want here playing for 4 hours qwq

  3. 1:02:30

    *angry Swedish noises (cuz bbh misspelt Sweden and mistook out flag for something completely different) *

    Also this is a joke but in my head I actually said "did he 'really just- how-"

  4. the rest is just george being salty about highway

  5. im isabella coddington i love you badboyhalo

  6. Bad is my comfort streamer but i dont have twitch so thxxx

  7. Whoever doesn’t like Badboyhalo's vids is a bad muffin

  8. I love the fact that bad guesses "potato" every round

  9. BRO IN THE DESCRIPTION IT SAYS skeppyxbadboyhalo

  10. 31:15 first game – bbh, dream (as quackity ), george, sam, ant, quackity (theratslayer)
    50:15 – same lineup + punz
    1:03:38 george draws dream for "kiss," dream gets it instantly
    2:18:35 karl joins

  11. Quackity as bald head looks like wacky XD

  12. bad: "imma need you to back the muffin up"
    george: "back that muffin right up"
    I CANT BREATHE 1:33:46

  13. quackity:ive got a funny name
    me: would be funnier if it was harry dicker lol

  14. There's a Glitch on skribble I.o is like when you pick zebra it became like pencil

  15. no cus dream was good as acting as quackity💀

  16. 54:04 “He definitely just haliguwua tha- he definitely just googled that”

  17. Do u just not care about the people that ship you with skeppy?


  19. Hello bbh u innocent muffin I'm a big fan :D😀😄😋

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