Beautiful Art Masterpieces By Daithi De Nogla! - SKRIBBLIO Funny Moments -

Beautiful Art Masterpieces By Daithi De Nogla! – SKRIBBLIO Funny Moments

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  1. i forget where i seen it but they serve green pancakes at some food place

  2. okay, did anyone else notice that nogla draws birds with 4 legs

  3. Who do you guys think would win in a fist fight between these guys

  4. Thank you for covering up the word when you're drawing so the audience can still guess. That's making it even more fun.

  5. I asked a 5 year old what the drawing was @8:20….. He said "it's a truck, duh"

  6. let us see how many letters there are to guess please thanks dad

  7. "It was a f*** rainbow. That's the way they look in Ireland." – Nogla 2018

  8. Smitty: "This isn't demonetized…"

    immediately cuts to a penis

  9. stop blocking out the word when it's your turn, I've seen other peoples videos and I don't like the blocking of the word

  10. Wow they know complicated things but not dumb things like if u agree👍

  11. Oh guys how much I love to laugh. Thank you fellas.

  12. Of course nogla is the one to say jack septic eye

  13. "I've driven a tractor, have any of you driven a tractor?" – Country Boi Wildcat 2019

  14. Its a family bitches stupid heads

  15. He clicked on "face paint" then blurred out the word at the top even though he already showed it to us

  16. 6:27
    Did this dude really just quote part of "Road Work Ahead? Uh yeah, I sure hope it does."

  17. " Is that a war diglet??" 😂😂😂😂 I love you smii7y.

  18. 0:53 pulls sword from ass lol couldn’t stop laughing

  19. Late, but Tampa is not in the pan handle tf xD

  20. So no one gonna say anything about the four legged bird???

  21. if you guys couldn't tell that was a Guinea Pig you've got Nogla's brain! I'm 15 and I knew as soon as he added the white snout

  22. Kryoz:R-E-T-A-R-D
    Nogla: Daithi De Nogla
    Nogla's head: Well I'm not as slow as other Retards

  23. Smi7y- "retard"
    Nogla- "Op, daithi de nogla "
    0.01 seconds later – bleep bleep bleep

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