BigJigglyPanda draws Yoshi perfectly 👌🏻 [] -

BigJigglyPanda draws Yoshi perfectly 👌🏻 []

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  1. i was thinking why nogla censored the name of drawing too

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  3. When they kick you out because you're just too good.

  4. I can’t tell if Nogla is acting or is he actually a sped😂😂

  5. Im on Noglas side with the cottoncandy, for europeans its on a stick.
    WE AINT SPECIAL Like a other Country.

  6. Hey nogla im pretty sure you wont probably read this comment or see this but everyday i look foward to your videos because you make me smile and laugh and more but thank you for every video you've posted because i get depressed every now and then but your videos always make me smile and feel better but thank you a lot nogla

  7. Scotty always seems like such a prick to Nogla in these videos.

  8. That hat on yoshi made him look like a communist

  9. finally some actual good art……. AM I RIGHT OR AM I RIGHT

  10. When do you find tarantulas in Australia?

  11. Dude, Wildcat always fuckin wins! What a pro

  12. I’m from Australia and I have never seen a tarantula

  13. why does nogla censor his words when no one can see his word but him

  14. your outro music literally gives me hope man. it's bloody beautiful

  15. Don’t blur the word! You’re the one drawing!

  16. We both get kicked for no reason damn

  17. Is it just in us in Ireland that get cotton candy in plastic buckets or on sticks

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