Brand new Skribblio game but same old Homer... (Scribble It Funny) -

Brand new Skribblio game but same old Homer… (Scribble It Funny)

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In today’s video, me and the guys find a new drawing game on steam called “Scribble It”. It’s very similar to Skribblio but it has this cool feature where you can team up with a friend a draw at the same time! It’s super hilarious and as always, I hope ye enjoy!

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  1. Wildcat made the person in the rapper drawing brown 😂😂

  2. hahahahhaa homer hahahaha this joke was only used 200+ times hahahaha wow this one reference that wasn’t funny to begin with sure has aged well hahahaha i’m so glad this content is making a return hahahaha suddenly i remember why i unsubscribed from 1/2 of you fuckers hahahaha

  3. The thing Smii7y makes at 5:55 kinda looks like a really fucked you rabbit face or something, just me or anyone else?

  4. Honestly im just happy its not among us for the 7000th time

  5. I swear omfg, I can't stop laughing, I need a clip of the potato moment omfg this is glorious.

  6. Evan has the most infectious laugh on the planet.

  7. I laughed harder at this than anything in a long time. Thank you Nogla and Friends!

  8. “You draw the top I draw the bottom!!” While the word is grass omg I haven’t laughed this hard in a second

  9. "Vanogla"

    Fanfic writers going crazy rn lmao

  10. nogla is the most heart touching guy i love you❤️

  11. Just when you thought we was save from homer.


  12. Nogla… Yes? … Potato…

    The Ireland is strong in this one

  13. Lost it. Went back and watched that part like 4 times. "*gasp* potato"

  14. Aw, I'm sad he doesn't care whether I enjoy his video or not anymore.

  15. How much I love Nogla’s videos! I like before watching, you deserve the love man, you and your editor are the best!

  16. I hear the smash bros music…. I am completed in life

  17. Nogla diesal peaches
    Poor u on s rank what
    U mean he poor ulow

  18. He seriously used Mario Party DS music. You are a legend!


  20. Vanogla is what happens when vanoss and Nogla use the potara earrings to fuse.

  21. I can't stop laughing! This was the most hilarious shit ever!

  22. If you know why wildcat guessed skateboard, you just know 👌🏻😂

  23. Now I know what Vanoss's New Video is Lmao

  24. Why does this video have so little views after a week?

  25. Someone, Emergency, Help. We gotta clip the few seconds of the : gasp potato moment. It's so goooood I can't stop laughing 😂😂

  26. I will never get sick of that potato bit. I've seen it in at least 3 different videos of this session and it still gets me. 🤣

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