Bullet Bill the Shark + The Best Shakespeare Drawing EVER - SKRIBBLIO - nunchuckgames.com

Bullet Bill the Shark + The Best Shakespeare Drawing EVER – SKRIBBLIO

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  1. HM 01 = follicle
    🤣🤣🤣 I’m so done.

  2. Every Black Friday is dark because the next day thousands of funerals happen has flashbacks to 2015 Black Friday oh god the blood bath

  3. The best kind of art is the kind that doesn’t even get drawn before someone knows what it is.

  4. Jiggly: draws a circle

    No one:

    Not a single person:

    No soul on Earth:

    Wildcat: WiLliAm ShAkEsPeArE

  5. Lol I love how they’re laughing about Craig saying rubber but that’s the English term for eraser

  6. "I smoke too much quack, I need to go to the ductor's" -Kryoz, 2019

  7. You can tell I would be bad at this game when Anthony did 'cut' my mind went " Draw a forearm".

  8. Anthonys face when tyler guessed william shakespear

  9. "Bridge" yes work with it! ………..bridges?? lmao

  10. A wild barber has appeared. Customer uses follicle. Its super effective!

  11. Soo charles strouse was the original writer of hard knock life jiggly

  12. Great Minilad is in the video time to not watch it.

  13. The fact he tried to defend the Hard knock life soooo hard, is sad.

  14. craig says john's channel is cringe…….as he releases another meme stream

  15. To try and combat all of the negative in this particular comment section, lemme just say this was a really funny video and I'm glad you're having fun with friends 🙂

  16. hey can you guys be respectful and NOT bash the other content creators in the video? I dont think Jiggly would be too happy to see you guys posting negative comments about his friends.

  17. Woosh MiNnIlAdD cAlLiNg jOhNs cHaNnEl CrInGe iS sO IrOnIc. I think that was the joke going over you head

  18. eyyy Skateboard/W1ILDC4T/WildCat/Unibrow/Skateboarder/Fortnite. Guy is back

  19. I like how Tyler straight up Nogla'd like 4 times.

  20. I'm so offended by no one except Jiggly knowing JayZ's Hard Knock Life.

  21. "What do you mean it's not duck tape?!". I fuckin died XD

  22. They were on so much quack by the end of the video. send them to see the duckter

  23. What is the angles singing in the beginning called

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