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CALL OF DUTY PROS TRY SKRIBBL.IO (ZOOMAA, FORMAL, SCUMP, SHOTZZY, KARMA) FaZe ZooMaa, OpTic Texas Scump, Shotzzy, Formal, Karma participate in a game of Skribblio

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  1. Surprised Scump gave permission to use his facecam

  2. Waiting for the surge/faze finals video bro

  3. formal is so vibey man, always got me dying

  4. My favorite content in a minute bro u guys gotta keep doin this

  5. Tommy’s brain is fried, he legit is always farthest from the answer then starts raging to just yell out the answer instead of typing it

  6. Of course you get idiots like this, and these are fun to watch. Would be cool to see COD pro's play games like Among Us, Prop Hunt on COD Cold War, Trivial Pursuit,

  7. Shotzzy actually getting petal is so funny. Dude has one braincell. 😂

  8. formal is the only smart one 😂😂

  9. It's not an elephant
    Word pops out MAMMOTH

    ZooMaa: A mOmMaTH??!

  10. I love how Tom is casually just hanging with the optic boys , love to see it . You know he’s respected a ton around the community

  11. You guys are onto something.. regardless of ur careers rn, keep playing cod and staying relevant in that manner. As long as that continues, start building this group and even more ppl as well there’s tons of others that would add to this content. It could def be something big.

  12. tom was off the PAPANYA on his first drawing 🤣

  13. is it me or this team would be really good in MW? or am I faded?

  14. A tripod has three legs 😂( tri ….)

  15. Why is Damon's name 渣男, scumbag in Chinese?

  16. Zoomaa gave the farm a minimap 😂😂 holy shit !!! He’s mega faded ahahhahaa

  17. Guy plays too much CoD lol. Draws a "tripod" with two legs.

  18. LMFAO that petal was actually funny asf. Dude these streams of just playing party games with friends has been everything

  19. Tom had zero points before he got kicked lmao he didn’t lose any points

  20. Ant: "Is plankfish even a thing?"

    This man was hoping one person said "yes" haha

  21. No fucking way shottzy got petal. He must have thought pedal spelt petal 😀 im deeead

  22. Formals commentary straight killin me bro….

  23. Tommy needs to lay off the papanya😂my boys brain is fried

  24. Bro tom said “mommith” for mammoth 😂😂

  25. Love tom’s content. Just being able to stream and chill around other like minded dudes while ripping papanya all day has to be THE LIFE.

  26. So They just gonna act like they dont remember that 1 v 4 ?

  27. How tf y’all both not get well?? And then proceed to not know the difference between petal and pedal😂

  28. Matt said “is that mushroom supposed to be a microphone “ I had to pause and catch my breath

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