CallMeCarson VODS: (Part One) -

CallMeCarson VODS: (Part One)

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Streamed on 8/8/19

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  1. "Oh, he's got a stick!… Oh, that's not a stick…"

  2. Today I learned mayonnaise has two "n"s in it

  3. that fucking lighter shit gave me a stroke

  4. Carson repeating the words over and over reminds me of the video with the crabs and a text-to-speech voice is saying, "Crab, crab, crab, hand, hand, hand."

  5. you can see the exact moment carson commits to the easter bit if you look carefully and are a sociopath

  6. Its okay slime. At least one person got it. I did.

  7. Does anyone know what he leaked at the start? After context I now know

  8. I was watching this and I was drifting between reality and limbo, almost falling asleep but not quite.

  9. What the fuck is marvel car and why is it Audi I don’t understand

  10. 58:31 my favorite thing that Charlie has done


    edit: grammar

  11. I hope no one arrives at their house on june 15th 2021 at around 3:45 pm holding a bag full of baked beans, of which will then be poured onto their welcome mat, that would just be awful, a heinous crime.

  12. 47:00 no fucking joke I have an earth and science project and I’m doing the planet Neptune and I’m procrastinating because I forgot who it’s named after literally saved me jdfns’fjcm.

  13. Can someone explain what exactly happened (hence the start of the vod)

  14. Bruh they should play this game more its rly entertaining

  15. Does anyone know why he was so keen on deleting the vod because of an ad? What ad was it?

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