Can you guess this drawing? -

Can you guess this drawing?

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  1. Wildcat’s voices that he uses gets everyone so cracked up and I love it

  2. Does the lawnmower work good? The 3.0 kept knicking my balls so i stopped using it

  3. I grabbed Monocle Gentlesir on Xbox, thanks Tyler!

  4. I watched this after the most recent cs:go videos, and I'm so happy I saw the Genesis of monocle gentilesir 😂

  5. anyone, what's the kevin macleod song at the beginning of the video, I've been searching for it for weeks now with no luck lol 😂

  6. No matter what video of this session I click on, regardless of who created it, my computer always freezes when I get to the part where Nogla has the word "boy", and Vanoss is about to guess a bad three-letter word. I guess it has auto censorship.

  7. I've waited so long for another skribbli.o video 😅😅

  8. I want to see some Monocle Gentlesir merchandise coming out sometime this year from after this video lol!!!

  9. Scotty and Tyler’s sense of humor are literally exactly the same

  10. The Monocle Gentlesir answer has got to be both the stupidest and most brilliant thing Nogla has ever thought up!

  11. I gotta know how the heck he knows Laguna saka raceway? I wonder if he's been recently.

  12. Man I missed these videos so much, I'm so happy yall are uploading skribblio videos again

  13. While you're checking for testicular cancer, check for prostate cancer too, it's pretty easy

  14. Half of the video was nogla saying what it was 😂

  15. How is stating a fact offensive? Jesus people are delusional

  16. I am proud to tell you that Shakespeare himself also made the "country" joke.

  17. After everything ive seen them getting mad at nogla has to be scripted

  18. no one else noticed that the most replayed area of the video is after the ad

  19. video started off hot with an UNO reverse card on racism

  20. Love your guys' scribblio videos so much. Always makes me laugh so hard i fall out of my chair

  21. My waffles finished in the toaster the exact time the explosion happened lmao. Fire.

  22. You don’t use vinegar panda half the food you eat has vinegar.

  23. Also Brian chooses when he gets to be retarded. Nogla there’s no choice, he was born with being retarded.

  24. I get caught up on y’all’s YouTube videos when my bf is sleeping and I can and this is making me laugh so hard!!

  25. I can't wait for someone to make Brian's VR model into a real model!

  26. Man I need a ball massager I messed them up tackling in football

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