Sleep Deprived
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  1. Glad that there's finally a merch drop! Question: Would I have to wait 8 months for it like my Schlanket that showed up 2 weks ago?

  2. Make the logo bigger in the merch and I will buy it

  3. day 46738292 of missing apandah on his channel

  4. props to us who saw the original and was confused

  5. Aztro didn't make that ad so I didn't watch it.

  6. Panda is literally bad at everything I love him for it

  7. Bro they absolutely butchered Canada's flag😂

  8. What’s up! I know this is off topic, but here’s for anyone who feels they’ve lost hope and needs to hear this: whether you believe in Heaven or not, consider this, if there was a Heaven, are you sure you’d go there after death? If you’re not sure, here you go: God loves you, and he became a human as Jesus, died to take the penalty for anything wrong you’d ever do, and rose from the dead. Sin is disobedience to Jesus’ commandments for how to live, and sin separates us from him- if you want to be saved from hell and be with God forever after death, just believe in Jesus and what he did (John 3:16) and turn away from habits of sin (Luke 13:3). That’s it. Our actions are the evidence for whether our faith is real (James 2:17), but since everyone fails on a daily basis, we aren’t saved by our actions, but only by God’s mercy (Ephesians 2:8-9), so when we fail, all we need to do is confess our sins to God, and continue fighting (1 John 1:9). Hopefully this helps anybody in need, and I hope you have a great day!

  9. The cummer is a reference to one of the podcast episodes to when they were talking about morbius

  10. This is like that one custom word list I played with recently but slightly less disturbing… only slightly though.

  11. adventure time is goated, common schlorg L

  12. preparing for my upcoming role as "The Cummer"

  13. Peter what are you doing? Crack. What the fuck

  14. Wow schlatt hates chuckle sandwich, I wonder what ted would say about this

  15. Seeing "Schlatt (You)" on the left gives me a feeling of unexplainable terror

  16. Panda is like a comedic relief character but in real life.

  17. How is that thumbnail allowed on youtube

  18. Rare moment where a YouTuber makes actually good merch

  19. I suddenly want to watch the monkey bar scene from Spy Kids…… And then listen to the dog in the 4th one while he crunches on the tools

  20. The tree on moist’s desk shows how they don’t let him out on Christmas

  21. the everywhere at the end of time was totally an auditory jump scare

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