Dombald & Goomby - Northernlion Drawing Highlights -

Dombald & Goomby – Northernlion Drawing Highlights

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It’s Donald Duck, dude. Why you being weird about it?

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Credits swords and end screen by Chotakana!


  1. Honest he drew the other guardians of the galaxy way better than he drew mantis (the actual prompt)

  2. I've actually been waiting for this video for so long this is pog as hell

  3. he just confidently picks the hard to draw ones everytime lol

  4. I loved this content for the longest time and now it's in a digestible piece. This is so good.

  5. I think maybe Ryan has a version of whatever Chiblee has where he can still picture stuff in his head but it's like a Bizarro world version of that character or object.

  6. As a self teaching artist, I can now watch this when my confidence gets shattered

  7. Ngl until the very end the Elsa one wasn’t bad

  8. Ryan will never not pick the pop culture character in scribbl, and will never not make them absolutely fucking atrocious

  9. I love how every single drawing starts with me going "Ryan what the frick is this"

  10. i can only imagine that NL is one of those people who simply does not have a visual memory because he could tell you every person to have ever voiced a character and the years they remained active and the circumstances for why they were fired/replaced… but cant recall a single face.

  11. I want all these hung up in a gallery and or on a t shirt.

  12. I have not laughed this hard im a while. Holy SHIT my stomach. Fucking top tier content man I'm fuckin dead

  13. There should be an Isaac mod that makes everything be in NL vision.

  14. This is amazing. I'm gonna see if I can turn this into a Sporcle quiz for NL, if you don't mind. (Or you can do it, if you prefer.)

  15. This is the hardest I've laughed at a YouTube video in so long, the comments are exactly what I'm thinking too.

  16. I'd never seen the Kermit drawing before, I've never felt my body contract with laughter like that before.
    So cursed, amazing.

  17. I love all the Hafu representation in these clips too.

  18. I actually cried laughing at the donald duck clip. Oh my lord.

  19. God. When RLS went “the letter match”, I fucking LOST it.

  20. Y'know, knowing that it's supposed to be Thor, I can kinda see it.

  21. some say people can learn to draw me and ryan here are for some reason unable to.

  22. This might be my favorite video of all time. I can't stop laughing.

  23. Hearing Hafu in these brings a smile to my face

  24. That was not Captain America. That was Pope Star the 3rd.

  25. I want to play a Kingdom Hearts mod with Dombald and Goomby

  26. I could not make it through the whole video I threw up

  27. Where did the whole "Yes, Sir" meta come from?

  28. if he actually got crash bandicoot colour right it would be accurate to the woah meme

  29. i appreciate how you let us see the options he chose as well

  30. The Elsa one was cracked until the shirt that covered her whole body

  31. I haven’t laughed this hard at a video in a while tbh

  32. Man just draws the hair before the head for some reason LOL

  33. I see now why he uses the shapes function in gartic phone so much

  34. Holy crap. His drawing skills have really improved since they started playing Gartic Phone. These were among the most cursed drawings I've ever seen.

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