Drawing a lot of really pointless stuff before drawing the actual word - Skribbl.io - nunchuckgames.com

Drawing a lot of really pointless stuff before drawing the actual word – Skribbl.io

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  1. why is there 2 million views but only 812 comments lol

  2. I find it funny Vanoss is in this video, is probably the biggest YouTuber in there (based off subscriber count) and he’s just kind of… there… I didn’t realize he was there until like the middle of the video and I low key forgot he was in it…. idk if I’m the only one who finds this weird…

  3. Who ever drew the cat the head was nice and then you just _

    Down here

  4. That Nintendo switch thing was so damn good.

  5. Wildcat: “How’s it not Mario?!”

    Kryoz: “How is it Mario?!”


  6. I'm gonna be mean for a second
    Diamond (the demographic miniladd goes for)74
    Or more well known as a fodler

  7. Post a video where the strat is to draw until someone gets the word then either draw pointless things or don't draw. see if they get the word

  8. bro this vid is two years old holy shit i miss these days so muchh

  9. Kryoz: use your imagination
    Everyone: ahhh, that’s a good one
    Wildcat: fLoOdLiGhT

  10. He wants to bomb Africa not the countries afrcia

  11. i love how they all accidentally say it

  12. me as a brazilian seeing the "jesus christ" one… WE DONT HAVE JUST SOCCER HERE

  13. 2:15 who else is watching in 2021 after mr potato head almost died

  14. The cupcake one though, I thought it's a bucket and a cake and came to the same conclusion as Kryoz ^^`

  15. Man, it felt like Vanoss didn't even exist in this video.

  16. Came back to see if I still found this video funny after 2 years. Still found it funny.

  17. Out of all perspective of the same session, imo, this is the best one XD
    This is golden! i hope YT keep recommendating this one once in a while!

  18. See when I saw the word zorro I immediately thought of zorro from one piece 😂

  19. Is it isn't me or do SMii7Y and Tyler have the most high pitched laughs in this crew.

  20. When he drew Zoro I was picturing the guy from one piece

  21. The Nintendo switch drawing always kills me with laughter 🤣

  22. Kryoz and smii7y are definitely the same person.

  23. I was laughing throughout this entire video, except when I got an ad I got pissed, then I started laughing again when the ad ended

  24. :10 … funny, original, in shape, American, red pilled, a man and most importantly…a legend.

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