Drawing with subs!! #Skribblio SOO MUCH FUN! JOIN !Discord to talk😉😋 - nunchuckgames.com

Drawing with subs!! #Skribblio SOO MUCH FUN! JOIN !Discord to talk😉😋

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Hi my names Zee! I stream almost everyday, If im not streaming im either sick or dead find out and chat with me on my discord and twitter links below.
I like to play Fortnite and other games for fun, with subs and friends.

YES! I Finally got my own Creator Code! Use Creator Code Zahorror in Item shop! Need Atleast 100 users for custom games! 😀
My goals are to get better each day to become a pro and create a fun loving supportive community where everyone is valued.
My support a creator code is Zahorror. use it anytime your about to purchase anything in item shop 😋

I also stream on Twitch part time 😀 Follow me here

JOIN the Discord community:

My Social media:
– Twitter: or @Zahorror
– Discord:

Use My DISCOUNT CODE ‘Zee’ at for 5% OFF!! @SweetGrips

If you wish to support the stream!! 😀 (Donations go to the betterment of streams) :

– £3 Sexy dance
– £5 Shocking
– NEW £10 ZaHorror *NOT For The Faint Hearted!!!*
(Message will pop up on stream)

Donations are not required but are much appreciated, Refunds are not given as they will costly cause distress. DO NOT Donate if you are going to have trouble with this. Thank you.

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  1. Hahahahahah you got kicked from your own lobby😭😭😭😭😭

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