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Dream Team’s New MASCOT! | Skribbl.io

Mr. Fruit
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In this episode of Skribbl.io the Dream Team finds itself a new mascot!
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Dream Team’s New MASCOT! | Skribbl.io


  1. I have respect for the shameless daft punk reference

  2. Fruit created the corona vaccine!!

  3. I can spell restaurant
    and no…i didn't use a spell checker

  4. When he enjoys the popsicle a little too much

  5. Hey fruit, a team named themselves "The dream team" after you. Their names were sapnap, georgenotfound and dream

  6. “Harambe 3: The Revenge”
    Okay, now I’m intrigued

  7. This is so sad, it's kinda hard to search dream team now because there's another popular team and it was also called the 'dream team' . W h y ?

  8. This is Mr. Fruit and welcome back to half grown men discussing Hello Kitty

  9. 26:42
    I love how they blur out the chat to hide what Blue said, but then it literally just pops up beside his name! AND THEN, thinking they're hiding it from us, they spam to get it off the screen and Rhabby is kicked for it! And yet we can still see it anyway! God, they're so STUPID!! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  10. The sunrise thing I tought was the word funeral

  11. Dumb me thought the dream team was here(sapnap, dream and georgenotfound) i-

  12. Mr Fruit: superfragilcagilisticespalidiocious

    Me: lowkey triggered because she memorized how to spell supercalifragilisticexpialidocious 2 years ago

  13. FLCL robot has a TV for a head not a computer

  14. Rhabby: Draws earthworm man with an open mouth with straw
    Everyone: intense slurping noises

  15. I just gotta say… anytime Dork is in a video it makes the video 200% better

  16. Fruits drawing of our glorious leader made me die laughing

  17. oh wtf ive been watching the Dream team these past two months?

  18. I don’t know how I got this two years later in my recommended but I ain’t complaining

  19. damn that vaccine thing. u called it 2 years early man

  20. When you chose North Korea I thought you were gonna draw a nuke

  21. The word he had to blur was clit you can see it at the right

  22. They should've actually made this their mascot 🤣🤣🤣

  23. Hello kitty doesn't have a mouth 😭
    And on 26:44 we can still see the word on the left side 😭😭

  24. 26:43 I think you forgot to blur right to blues name top left corner

  25. rhabby is that one child who likes to do the joking but hates being joked on. also that hair line how it do balding boys

  26. Watching Fruit draw anti Vax in 2022. Very nice!

  27. Its not friday and we get an hour!?!? Bets midweek present ever.

  28. No the shape of Italy is a hammerhead shark

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