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  1. lol when you censor the word in the text box but not on the left where your character says it

  2. Love everyone feels the need to comment that Marcel didn't blur nigga out like stfu we don't need 100 of y'all spamming the same stupid ass comment

  3. 7:22

    types in “nigga” blurs it out in the bottom right but they got his ass with the top left message box

    200IQ on the scribble.io’s part. 💀💀💀

  4. People were making fun of Nogla for looking up taco but yet here you go drawing vaginas.

  5. in all the possible ways ohm couldn't draw tentacle porn

  6. Beethoven lost his hearing, he wasn't blind

  7. This would be a really good drinking game, every time someone guesses a word the drawer has to stop drawing and the people who don’t guess the word has to have a shot

  8. It’s a cuddle fish! Cuddle fish are cephalopods >.>

  9. I love how you blur out a certain word but at 7:23 you missed a word right where the arrow is lol

  10. Basically you killed me when you said nigga 😂😂😂😂😂

  11. They all get so awkward when Marcel jokes about his race.😂

  12. He blurred it because it stays in the chat. He didn't blur the top left because it would fade away.

  13. 7:26 lol he blocks ni qqa in the chat but can't block it in left corner lol

  14. 7:51 Should have picked "accident" and then put an arrow pointing straight at brian.

  15. he drew a taco upside down…the flat part is the bottom…how did u fuck up a taco

  16. Lol there was no point in blurring!! Its shown twice but its good lol

  17. I didn't know an angler fish looked like a sock puppet

  18. Muscles glasses lol epic meal time reference wasn't expected

  19. I got kicked for saying the n word but I'm the right color

  20. You blurred it on the feed but not when you see your comment next to your name😂

  21. Is anyone gonna talk about how Marcel drew a taco with the shell upside down 9:08

  22. Beethoven was actually deaf you frigin frig frig friggity

  23. he bleeped out the n word but it still showed up in the top left

  24. Fun fact: Big Ben is the name of the bell, the tower is called Elizabeth tower


    only a female anglerfish is big. The male is tiny

  26. Elon musk on the thumbnail looks like Marcel… but only a little.

  27. We aren't going to talk about how his taco was upside down

  28. How was this already 2 years ago… time fucking flys I was a sophomore when this came out 🤯🥺

  29. I’m glad three thousand people decided to comment on the editing mistake.

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