*EXPOSED* Daithi De Nogla is NOT A REAL IRISHMAN! Skribbl.io Funny Moments - nunchuckgames.com

*EXPOSED* Daithi De Nogla is NOT A REAL IRISHMAN! Skribbl.io Funny Moments

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Nogla has been exposed for not being a real Irishman!
I’m sorry I had to break the news to you guys this way…

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Friends in the Video
Moo Snuckel:


  1. How to fool nogla
    Just say “kiss kiss terroriser”


  3. Great youtuber 1 of my favourites also from Scotland keep it up and keep making great content cause honestly every video posted out is hilarious and calming to watch just to chill

  4. I was rewatching this and my uncle came in and said that he used to watch you when he was 15 ._. OOF

  5. Ooooo Slingky you can watch delerious have that on vanossgaming animation the animation name is the magic tomato

  6. I like how he’s just casually playing at 3am

  7. Moo: I can relate to this
    2 seconds later
    Moo: his neck is broken
    Me: wait what

  8. "Now that I have my pearly whites, I may now transform y toothbrush into a shank to kill my bunk mate for not following rule #1 of prison life:

    Dont. Drop. The. Soap.

  9. I’m part Irish but I would get Ireland if you drew a leprechaun and some other Irish things

  10. My mom walked in on me watching your video just as you swore and asked me why you do that and I literally yelled BECAUSE HES IRISH LEAVE THE MAN ALONE

  11. The keyboard typing noises gives me nostalgia when I use to game

  12. How many of you chatted with terroriser on instagram like. I bet none of you did

  13. Wait… He didnt say no homo at the start

  14. 1:09 Brian sounds like brad Pitt when he was pretending to be Italien in inglorious basterds

  15. I think I'm hearing thousands of potatoes in tears of betrayal.

  16. 8:03 his right arm seems to be larger than his left…
    And it’s even positioned for it

  17. 6:07 “Whats in the canister?”

    If you’ve never play TCRSS you won’t get it.
    (Tom Clancys Rainbow Six Siege)

  18. So can I replace Nogla and become your friend Terrorisor

  19. To anyone who watched
    "Ed, Edd n Eddy", Nogla is Ed and Brian is Eddy. If you don't know, look the cartoon up and watch a few episodes.

  20. $5 in return for $1432…seems like a good trade.

  21. You should’ve Just put in ice ice baby for ice

  22. Transformers fans

    At the end did brian sound like waspinator to anyone else

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