*EXPOSED* Daithi De Nogla is NOT A REAL IRISHMAN! Skribbl.io Funny Moments - nunchuckgames.com

*EXPOSED* Daithi De Nogla is NOT A REAL IRISHMAN! Skribbl.io Funny Moments

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Nogla has been exposed for not being a real Irishman!
I’m sorry I had to break the news to you guys this way…

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  1. The thumbnail has good artwork but in reality

  2. he draws himself with a six pack getting a sunburn, YET in EVERY video you see Terroriser either drinking something or eating something. Or you see food somewhere in his room.

  3. nogla :I don’t know the name
    0.1seconds latter Ahhhhhh

  4. Love ur videos man ur doing great on the videos keep it up ur doing great also I'm actually 15% Irish but hope u have a great day

  5. (Daithi de Nogales mind)
    Irish exe has stopped working

  6. I swear i frickin heard brian say "Scottish Leprechaun with a Jamaican accent"

  7. nogla is not a irishman shes pretending to be irish

  8. Nogla sounds like Bob Ross when he was “painting” the forest

  9. Hey Terroriser I always wanted to become a YouTuber (or some other platform to watch videos) and you inspired me!

  10. Oh shi, didn't realise you and I had the same water bottle, mad that

  11. At 6:23 is it just me or do I hear an electric sound when he draws the outlet

  12. Do the pictures for the answer always show on the top right corner? Cuz it doesn't for me

  13. Okay but that rat was actually really cute

  14. Nogla: types springer when it’s a slinky. George Springer: confused screaming

  15. "vincent van gogh" has found no results instead search:"vincent van cock"

  16. Basicallyionlyplaywithstreamers


  17. Did anyome see Nogla type in:Brian is a (something I dont wanna type)?

  18. Their is a reading app in australia called homer reading no joke

  19. Hey Terroriser, you and team 6 yall are just unique and hilarious in your own ways, i know your videos have have failed to make me laugh even when im down. I know you probably don't need this but ill say it anyway, youre valid no matter what and i know ill continue to watch your videos and support ye.

    From a Scotsman to an Irishman I raise a mug/pint to ye lad 🍻🍺

  20. Let’s just say I have been watching everyone’s videos that you play with when I was little

  21. Ayy, my Catholicism came in handy!

    Daithi de Nogla, 2018

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