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F1 Skribbl.io… But No One Can Spell!

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How funny is this? To celebrate the holiday season we got Aarav, FNG, Super GT, Ria and Lando Norris together to play Skribbl – two rounds on Christmas, two rounds on Formula One, who you got as the winner?

Let us know in the comments below👇



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  1. Everyone with dyslexia feels the pain trying to play this game

  2. his mic be sounding like it gave up

  3. Lando! Daniel’s ur teammate and you don’t know how to spell his name.!

  4. holy shit just watching this back broo niran really had clapped trim

  5. 😂 is so funny to watch Lando spelling most of the words wrong lollomg

  6. "Why have you given him such a big snozzer?" Is still the best line in there

  7. Why would you say that about danny ric’c nose??

  8. i'm not the only one that the most time i'm not guessing a word bc i can't spell! hahahah

  9. Anybody whish we could have super gt sim set up

  10. Its so cool that Lando Norris is part of the group(Quadrant)

    So we have a f1 player
    A f1 driver
    A fifa player and what else

  11. funny parts:
    drawings: 10%
    spelling: 10%
    lando raging: 80%

  12. Lando how are dyslecix people meant to play this game 😂😂😂

  13. I was literally 4 minutes into the video and I just found out that it said what the word was

  14. Everyone talking about presant, but no one is talking about finland

  15. Was the Romain Grosjean crash at Spain or at Bahrain

  16. Present almost sounds like perezents

  17. Lol lando can't spell his own teammate

  18. Until I saw this, did not know people in the UK call Christmas ornaments "baubles" 🤷🏼‍♀️ much funnier name for them.

  19. this is actually halarious😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

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