Fire Emblem Tellius Edition (ft.CyanYoh, Bismix, LinkKing7, JaeAIK) -

Fire Emblem Tellius Edition (ft.CyanYoh, Bismix, LinkKing7, JaeAIK)

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I never realized how meme-y Tellius truly was.

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Special thanks to Yuri, Surskit, Becca and Crimbo for helping create the wordbank from suggestions made by you guys!

If you would like to help me out by creating a word-bank for the next episode, please comment any characters, places, maps, things, terms, memes, etc.
relating to Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. I’m going to be avoiding reading the comments as best as I can so I don’t cheat for the next one!

If you want to play for yourself, the site is, and here is the wordbank we used.

Ike, Titania, Oscar, Boyd, Rhys, Shinon, Gatrie, Soren, Mia, Ilyana, Mist, Rolf, Marcia, Lethe, Mordecai, Volke, Kieran, Nephenee, Zihark, Sothe, Jill, Astrid, Makalov, Tormod, Muarim, Stefan, Devdan, Tanith, Reyson, Janaff, Calill, Tauroneo, Haar, Ranulf, Bastian, Lucia, Geoffrey, Elincia, Nasir, Ena, Tibarn, Naesala, Giffca, Shiharam, Petrine, Bryce, Ashnard, Greil, Rajaion, Black Knight, Sephiran, Almedha, Micaiah, Edward, Leonardo, Nolan, Laura, Aran, Meg, Volug, Fiona, Nailah, Rafiel, Leanne, Nealuchi, Heather, Danved, Sigrun, Skrimir, Sanaki, Pelleas, Oliver, Renning, Caineghis, Kurthnaga, Gareth, Lehran, Yune, Ashera, Ashunera, Jorge, Lekain, Zelgius, Dheginsea, Jarod, Ludveck, Valtome, Izuka, Bow Triangle Attack, Beorc, Laguz, Branded, Knife Sage, Subhuman, Ragnell, Alondite, Amiti, Gurgurant, Pitfall, Aether, Eclipse, Ike Stay Back, Lehran’s Medallion, Nihil, Wrath, Resolve, Biorhythm, Warp Powder, Moment of Fate, Port Toha, Tellius, Begnion, Crimea, Gallia, Serenes Forest, Daein, Galdr of Rebirth, Serenes Massacre, Aimee, Good Job Micaiah, Dawn Brigade, Interesting Maneuver, Maniac Mode, Galdr of Release, Smite, 3-13 Archer, Elincia’s Gambit, Goldoa will not Move, Tower of Guidance, Feral Ones, Altina, Caladbolg, Tarvos, Lughsaladh, Thani, Urvan, Father of Sothe’s Children, Creiddylad, Cymbeline, Ashera Staff, Peshkatz, Sacrifice, Florete, Corona, Mantle, Olivi Grass, Blood Pact, Yellow Units, Bonus Experience, Greil Mercenaries, Eat Rock, Rolf’s Bow, Lost in Your Books



  1. for Echoes ? if they count, 'cheesecake recipe' and 'brigand boss'

  2. Yo is the thumbnail a leak of Legendary Elincia? 👀

  3. So Speedy did you hear about the upcoming Micaiah refine?

  4. Is it possible to combine Gaiden and Echoes as one list?


    Conrad,Tatiana,Lukas,Forsyth,Python,Alm,Celica,Jedah,Soyna,Genny,Boey,Clive,Mathilda,Mae,Deen,Jesse,Saber,Zeke,Est,Palla,Catria,Tobin,Gray,Kliff,Faye,Silque,Duma,Berkut,Rinea,Rudolf,Mila,Mila's temple,Flour,Shut up Tobin. (That is all)

  6. “The creepy man will excuse himself” not sure if that’s too long but it would be funny

  7. Words for the list:

    Nothing but lies,
    What's the matter farmboy?,
    The Heritors of Arcadia,

  8. That Heather drawing was 'spectacular', you amaze me, Speedyhawk.

  9. No one:
    LinkKing7: Lists every possible answer before the drawing begins

  10. The only echoes word you really need:
    Hunter's Volley

  11. I was looking forward to this, and 52 minutes no less, how delightful.
    I never played Echoes to know the characters, so I'm gonna suggest Duma and Mila.

  12. Janaff is known for his good eyes. Ulki is known for his great ears. Meanwhile tibarn is known for his HUGE SCHLONG

  13. Yeah my favorite character in Tellius is definitely Dghnesiananisaa too!

  14. Speedy confirmed fraud. Says it was 36 mins of recording at only 34:43 in the video. Shameful 😔

  15. Alm, Royal Sword, Falchion, Beloved Zofia, Ragnarok, Celica, Dread Fighter, Clair, Boey, Mae, Mycen, Rudolf

  16. 2 words could be double lion and Mila’s Turnwheel

  17. Looking forward to echoes! Could add a "Leave the heavy lifting to me" kinda a meme. Also Hunter's Volley would be a good word

  18. The Oliver theme added a lot to the video

  19. Wordbank Ideas!!!

    – Luthier
    – Delthea
    – "Shut Up Tobin"
    – "UNCLE!!!!"
    – Flour
    – Genny
    – Sonya
    – Deen
    – Jesse
    – Atlas
    – Kamui
    – Harrier (The Overclass)
    – Necrodragon

  20. Very cute heather! Love the mental image of her stealing with the teeny legs

    How about the cheese lover for the echoes wordbank?

  21. Wordbank: Southern outpost, oranges, warp spell.

  22. List for Echoes:
    Shut up Tobin
    Royal Sword
    Double Lion
    Trust in Falchion
    Don't worry Celica, I'll crush these bastards!
    Hunter's Volley

  23. Echoes word bank:

    I'm So Hyper Let's Go!
    I'm ready to Roll
    Who will protect Zofia
    Alm Albein Rudolf
    Princess Anthiese
    Boat Map
    Fine twist my arm

  24. Soldier Boy, Five Dread Fighters, and Shizas.

    These are the best I can offer you.

  25. Of course Speedy wins, that Heather Drawing… why did you draw her with no clo-

    Anyways, I summoned on the Legendary Banner, didn’t get Eyepatch Dimitri, but DID get L!Chrom, which is a good second prize, I guess…

    The Legend Shea is out, and I somehow know how Danganronpa will go Wednesday. I actually know how the Game works this time (thank god) but I have a Feeling for the next Stream or two I’m gonna be happy while Glitter will be in tears. Not gonna mention why, it’s that I just… had a feeling – that’s all.

    The Legend Shea is TRULY out rn.

  26. Speedy shouldn't be allowed to compete if he and/or his chat are also the ones making the word bank.

  27. Ok. More words for the next episode:

    Mila's turnwheel
    Ragnarok omega
    Brigand boss
    Dread fighter
    Beloved Zofia

  28. I like how Bismix's drawings all start out with pretty good hair, then they just have a Ditto face.

    Ideas for Echoes:

    Mila's Turnwheel
    Twilight of the Gods
    Shut up Tobin
    Hunter's Volley
    Duma Faithful
    Dread Fighter
    Thabes Labyrinth
    Voice Acting (since it was the first game to include full voice acting)
    Ian Sinclair
    Kyle McCarley
    Erica Lindbeck

  29. dude i love watching these so much thanks for the funnies
    some of my fave echoes related content includes sir purr, mae calling boey a boob, eating flour, and that dude who loves cheese

  30. "Bismix really loves Tormond" I see bismix has good taste in characters then.

  31. Oh I can’t wait for the next episode, my suggestions are the DLC characters

  32. The best part of these is seeing Crimbo redraw them on Twitter

  33. Ok, that Heather… I WAS CRYING OMFG. So I've never played Echoes, so here goes my best guess:

    Lunar Flash, LIES LIES LIES, Rinea where are you, Witches, Swamp maps, Boat Maps, Worse Yuri, UnClE!, Mila's Turnwheel, The Deliverance, Possession, Duma gon gaga, BUT DRAGONS!, The Sheep, Brave Sword, Ragnarok, Alm Simp, Valentia, Greetings Professor(lol), villager, Silque, Berkut, Twilight of the Gods(that shit slaps), and Existential Crisis
    Added, because why not:
    Celica x Dimitri

  34. Echoes:

    Dread Fighter, Hunter’s Volley, Roundhouse, Seraphim, Ragnarok, invoke, Duma Tower

  35. "The Heritors of Arcadia" for the word bank. Much song, so cry 🙃

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