Fire Emblem - Three Houses Edition (ft. Bismix, LinkKing7, JaeAIK) -

Fire Emblem – Three Houses Edition (ft. Bismix, LinkKing7, JaeAIK)

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Just wanted to try something a little different and have a bit of fun with the boiz. I’m planning on doing future installments themed around different FE games. I felt like this episode was too long, so I might cut the amount of rounds down next time. (Let me know what you think)

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If you guys would like to help me out by creating a wordbank for the next episode, please comment any characters, places, maps, things, terms, etc.
relating to Fire Emblem 7 (Blazing Sword). I made the wordbank for this episode and it felt kinda cheap because I knew some of the more obscure words instantly. Thanks!

If you want to play for yourself, the site is


  1. 0/10, Ferdinand was not referred to as Ferdinand Von Aegir.
    Real talk, great vid!

  2. Awww Bismix hates Ferdinand? That makes me sad…

  3. Idk if I'm late, but if Battle Before Dawn isn't in the word bank….

  4. I will now make my contribution.
    -Convoy Rath
    -Battle Before Dawn
    That is all.

  5. Guys what’s the song that comes on before Indomitable Will? At like 30:00????????? I can’t figure it out

  6. The art here is amazing. Nintendo should hire you.

  7. Throw in some of the legendary weapons, or something like killing edge

  8. My suggestion is: "What happened to Dorcas?"

  9. Wait isn’t it budding talent not hidden talent?

  10. Quiero un canal de Fire Emblem en español 🙁

  11. Bruh this was great, can we get more? Lol

  12. I don’t like how big your making the boobs is a girl irl

  13. Is your wordbank available for copy-pasting somewhere?

  14. 4:40 That's a Budding Talent not Hidden Talent you casuals 🙂

  15. Can somebody drop this wordbank I wanna do this

  16. For the next fire emblem scribbl


    If you ever do an echoes one,

  17. My "word" for fe7 is "Battle Before Dawn" because why is Nino/Jaffar recruit like this.

  18. I know it's late but my word is 7-11 Shield from Shadows of Valentia

  19. Everyone struggled on Ferdinand because he wasn’t proclaiming he is Ferdinand Von Aeiger

  20. Demonic beast
    Blazing durandal
    Hegamon von edelgard

  21. Drawing Sasuke for Felix was the best thing I’ve seen all week

  22. It took me 10 seconds to get Maddening, but it took me 75 seconds to get Garreg Mach Monastery lol

  23. Half of this video, for me who has not played the DLC: I don't know who that is

  24. Are there different versions or something? I am completely sure they're called budding talents

  25. Bis drawing my best boy as Sasuke was the highlight of my day lol

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