Garfield and The Problematic Return of Homer Simpson - SKRIBBL.IO -

Garfield and The Problematic Return of Homer Simpson – SKRIBBL.IO

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  1. What do you guys mean I would gladly do master ougway from Kung foo panda

  2. 9:25… shows how smart eli is. The ninja turtles are all named after famous artists. So yes the turtles name is technically leonardo da Vinci

  3. Wow that garfield looks like Big Mickey Mouse was drunk lol 😂😂

  4. Is Youtube really such a bunch of snowflakes that we have to worry about "coronavirus" being a demonetize-worthy word…?

  5. Who else wants to see this 'lynx' they drew?

  6. Are we gonna ignore the fact that he drew Donatello and not Leonardo

  7. is it just me or does blarg's channel link not work

  8. 3:55 he laughs at this cuz he knows a thing or two about drawing Psyduck

  9. Everyone knows all the turtles are named after renaissance artists

  10. Everytime I hear Blarg's voice I think it's Wildcat

  11. Jiggly did you find out new dlc in gta 5 it's been a while dude. Please play it again please

  12. They drew donatello instead of leonardo🤦‍♀️😂

  13. Rear downforce still helps fwd cars, at least on the track

  14. Wait
    Isn’t franklin the turtle underage

  15. Jiggly: that is a hairy youtube play button and a cactus with a mohawk😂😂😂😂

  16. 9:20 that was a real good drawing (wrong turtle but still good) cause all the turtles are named after artists)

  17. Why don’t you play with terrisor and vanoss anymore

  18. You awesome jiggly! Keep the videos coming, love em!

  19. He drew Donatello instead of Leo but okay 😂😂

  20. pokémon sword or shield let’s play. come on jiggles

  21. When Garfield eats too much Lasagna that he turns INTO Lasagna!

  22. Anthony can we get a sneaker video? it’s time for a drip check

  23. Hey panda, I’ve been getting into your videos recently even though I’ve been watching vanoss since 2013, you’re one hell of a guy. You’ve helped me with many of my problems in my life, especially now.
    You make me laugh and smile and your soul is as gold as day.
    I’ve been on the verge of suicide and don’t know know to do. But you always seem to make me put it all behind me no matter what it is. Thank you for what you do, even if it is “JuSt pLaYiNg VidEo GamEs” you’re an amazing person and I know many feel the same . Thank you for what you and all your amazing friends do, always be yourself.

  24. SMii7Y: It’s leader!
    Blarg: * click click tap tap *

  25. Noooo!!! I wanted to see your face cam of Blarg's Sink drawing!! lol

  26. Jiggly laugh is the best thing I've heard in years

  27. I actually guesed leonardo da vinci as soon as i saw the words😂. Thing is i dont know how spell i name so i was impressed in myself when i got correct

  28. That isn’t a civic my man, that’s the shitty Car of Tomorrow package made in NASCAR.

  29. The Ninja Turtles are Name after the greatest artist

  30. 2020 and we still don't know the names of the Turtles.

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