geoguessr pros play geoguessr but in -

geoguessr pros play geoguessr but in

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idk i just have this random video recorded. maybe a good vid to watch while ur working . or eating . i hope u enjoy : )


  1. Doing this with non geoguessr's drawing only would be agony for them

  2. how didnt literlaly everyone get luxembourg within 2 seconds lmao that was the easiest one in the whole video!

  3. this just popped up in my recommendations and i have no idea whats happening lol 🥲

  4. goddamn this is the first time I have ever heard about lesotho

  5. as a Canadian i can be proud to say i guessed my own country before rainbolt

  6. 0:33 nerdiest shit ive ever heard and the awkward pause afterwards 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠

  7. it HURTS that no one just reads the top of the game to see the letter count for each round, lol.. Everybody guessing the same answers people have already said AND guessing 8 letter countries where the answer is 5 letters..

  8. The release of dopamine in this man after typing bald is something special

  9. DerZiggi: uagnda
    Literally everyone in the game: Thanks!

  10. This was more like playing hangman than anything..

  11. 49:20 This is still the funniest moment for me.
    And the one guy that said "at least DRAW".

  12. 😊wtf is going on, my feeble mind cannot comprehend

  13. You are telling me this man can guess the road from just 1 trapezoid, 1 rhombus and a straight(ish) gray line…

  14. You should do one where they go into geuoguesser and draw the picture they get

  15. 9:24 can someone explain why they got Turkey from Super Meat Boy ?

  16. not him typing dababycar and waiting for people to laugh😭😭

  17. rainbolt could recognise the streetlamps from crossroads by mbed

  18. As someone who only knows a little bit about GeoGuessr, I actually had a chance to guess with them. Also a great opportunity to learn new stuff (sulawesi fence e.g.)

  19. I'm a Slovak, and I had no idea what your drawing meant.

  20. 59:13 in the US those would be called barrels but it all the same stuff

  21. Bro these drawing suck, draws a road with grass for canada?!?!

  22. bro rainbolt is so good he can guess my location if i show him my toilet

  23. Commenting every answer I get before Rainbolt:
    1. Pole
    2. Croatia

  24. feels good guessing chile before him even drawing

  25. i guessed canada before rainbolt, call me a gods servant

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