Geometry Dash is CHAOS! -

Geometry Dash is CHAOS!

Stallion GD
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Stallion GD, Joinmolten, Jamattack, NXISE, Flapjack and more of my friends play Geometry Dash!!

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  1. Very pog. Insanely good job with the editing on this one :3

  2. 5:35 is like the ‘Weegee board’ video but GD edition.

  3. Sad I couldn’t make it but this is an entertaining video

  4. According to the master comedian (that is me), this video has been scientifically proven to be funny

  5. you deserve so many more views than you get this is literally so funny

  6. Damn sorry I couldn't make it, I'll be there next time hopefully

  7. how are you not a gd youtuber with more subscribers already my guy

  8. That was sooo goood, theres no way u only have 1k subs, YOU NEEEEDDDD MOOOOAAARRRRR. btw i like cheese c:

  9. You’re underrated dude, this video was hilarious and well edited!

  10. i beat 10 medium dmemjos its my favourite difficulty

  11. i thought this was regular, but using the gd editor to draw stuff out

    I'm a little let down tbh

  12. I wonder who that "Dashy" actually was, but anyways cool video.

  13. This always sounded like fun, is it ok if you post in a comment or something the list of words used (if you still have it of course), so it can be used by others? would be fun to do this :).
    If the list is lost that's ok too.

  14. 0:17 Korean Symbols 💀💀 Difference between Chinese and Korean: Chinese: 华文 Korean: 한국어

  15. We did this with one of my fav streamers (Smango23) and we had a blast, I gotta say scribbl is fun XD

  16. I love how you can still see the pixels. What a surprise

  17. stop milking this stuff for clout
    edit: when tf did i make this comment?

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