Go INCOGNITO before you WATCH THIS VIDEO... ~ Skribbl.io - nunchuckgames.com

Go INCOGNITO before you WATCH THIS VIDEO… ~ Skribbl.io

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  1. I love it when they draw Homer even though it means something else lol

  2. Anyone else recognize the song that was in castle crashers after the belly batonton part?

  3. Nogla and Brian should have lego dimensions only as Homer Simpson.

  4. Speaking of incognito I got an ad about incogmeato

  5. Nogla has my favourite outro, so fun and calm

  6. Is that castle crashers music in background

  7. Anthony's fucking cough and wheeze and Brian's response was the best.

  8. 7:23 I thought its a hedgehog….

    Give this cookie to your editor🍪🍪🍪
    You can have one as well🍪

  9. When nogla plays Castle Crasher Music it makes me happy.

  10. Nogla, Jacksepticeye, and Terroizer should make a video with Sgt Ducky

  11. i love when im watching one of noglas videos then all of a sudden im at the shop in castle crashers

  12. jiggiez: I don't read dictionaries
    didn't deny the weed

  13. Steve Harvey actually made a reference to that scene a few months ago on another episode

  14. It's insane this video was published 11 months ago and they're talking about covid. It's really has been to long.

  15. 10:48
    Me, looking closely at the target background: wheezes I spy with my little eye, Trials of Apollo, Magnus Chase, Percy Jackson's Greek Gods, and Percy Jackson's Greek Heroes.

  16. Am totally gonna a sub to the editor BC he or she made a great job

  17. i watched the video without going into incognito mode

  18. Your editing made this video very enjoyable. This is so funny 😂

  19. I started choking on air when the nightmare scene began

  20. Title Instructions: Go into incognito mode before watching.
    Me: "I'm just gonna ignore that and watch it anyways."

  21. Nogales-“He’s always smokin weed and reading dictionaries”
    Jiggly-“WHAT?! I don’t read dictionaries”🤣

  22. Noglas disgust at the chihuahua drawing makes me laugh so bad

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