Gruh Moment | (1) -

Gruh Moment | (1)

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Music used in this video:
– Kevin MacLeod – Sneaky Snitch
– Kevin MacLeod – Sneaky Adventure
– Kevin MacLeod – One Sly Move
– Kevin MacLeod – Investigations
– Kevin MacLeod – Run Amok
– Kevin MacLeod – The Builder
– Kevin MacLeod – Moon Lounge Omicron Prime


  1. 7:43 “gruh” that just made me laugh XD
    (Delete it if you want)

  2. やきそばクン - ゲーム実況㌍㍗ says:

    gruh moment😂

  3. Broken is cool
    Why does his laugh sound adorably funny

  4. he he he he he he ;] ha ha ha funny claasic

  5. Вы знаете русский?

  6. That part when that guy coughed and said "that was such a earrape"s in the end of his cough made me laugh so hard

  7. that's look like funny
    draw it look like funny drawings
    gruh moment

  8. Broken's laugh never will be missed in Jazzmir's videos.

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