Guess the Country I'm Drawing! ( -

Guess the Country I’m Drawing! (

Drew Durnil
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Me and my homie try to draw countries and states from around the world. THIS GAME MIGHT GET ME BANNED

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  1. Why are you guys acting so stupid, Frank and Drew?:(

  2. Finally New Zealand is apart of Australia where it belongs.

  3. “This is easy.”

    Proceeds to draw à unrecognisable blob

  4. You free the Mayan temple when the word was Aztec bro

  5. alternate title: two grown men who can't draw or spell attempt both for 11 minutes straight

  6. drew: drews united kingdom
    me: how does frank not know its chad

  7. never draw canada we have super wierd shoreline

  8. 6:11 You just offended me and 65 million other British people by saying that Frank like c'mon fam 'LONDON?' 'NEW ENGLAND?'
    Edit:This isn't ment to be aggressive to Frank, Its a joke.

  9. 2 changes I need to scribbe:
    – More and longer time options, including no time limit.
    – Timer should not start until the player starts drawing.

  10. US states are easy to draw it's all just squares and rectangles

  11. Ah yes, New Zealand, my favourite Australian state

  12. Frank : draws Stalin, a guy from Georgia and the leader of the Soviet Union
    Drew : Russia

  13. When the chichen itza is Mayan and not Aztec

  14. The thumbnail country is Liechtenstein 🇱🇮

  15. Frank: gets united kingdom wrong
    Also frank: literally names 2 things that aren’t countries
    (New England is a american division, london is a city

  16. Drew: I’m not very good at art
    Me: thank God

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