Guess the Country I'm Drawing! ( -

Guess the Country I’m Drawing! (

Drew Durnil
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Me and my homie try to draw countries and states from around the world. THIS GAME MIGHT GET ME BANNED

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  1. Japan shows up to draw me: mushroom cloud and city if u don’t get it ur DUMB

  2. Os it just me or i want to hear Drew's hentai voices…

  3. Turkey is not turkey and this joke is not funny

  4. Word: Aztec
    Drew: Draws a Mayan Pyramid

  5. "I'll give you a hint..
    It's a country"
    Africa 🤦‍♂️

    "Looks like we're both doing bad today" 🤦‍♂️😂

  6. Hahaha😹 a puppet is so funny

  7. I’m sorry I’m the person that is going to say this but when the answer is “United Kingdom” you would need more than “England”. The American fallacy that England and the UK are interchangeable is wrong. They are different.

  8. Do more pls pls i like frank and u play together pls pls pls

  9. this made me laugh during my online class, why would you do this to me bro…i feel betrayed bro…

  10. “Draw Australia” drew draws New Zealand…

  11. Polar para presidente de la república independiente de mi casa

  12. How was that California!!! God dang it!!!

  13. I like Frank, would like to see him pop up more often 🙂

  14. 1. calafornia or portugal

    2. hawaii

    3. africa

  15. Honestly disgusted by how drew writes his twos

  16. ok you were really bad on the first one that was quite obviously cali

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