Guess The MINECRAFT Drawing or LOSE! ( -

Guess The MINECRAFT Drawing or LOSE! (

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Can you guess what we’re drawing in


👉 Crainer:


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  1. The drawing at the start of the intro is actually a rain cloud pouring down on a like button. (˵ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°˵)

  2. Slogo you just draw the like button and you draw the tree slogo:

  3. Slogo u just draw the like button and you draw a tree are you blind slogo: iTs A tReE

  4. You said I can’t like? I guessed like button I guess earlier then normal. Dont worries I’ll never like again cause you said not too 😊

  5. Josh is the best drawer compared to jelly and crainer.Jelly and crainer think that josh is terrible but when its joshes turn they guess it emmediately

  6. Ok then, I guess I can’t like or watch the vid but I can still subscribe,Thank you.

  7. At the beginning I thought it was a cupcake

  8. Sligo is definitely the best out of the group

  9. Who Dos not think he’s the best definitely the best

  10. Can you guys do a snipers vs cars you haven’t done one in so long

  11. Jelly chickens don't have a tail and neck and black feet

  12. Jelly is dum I love alkyl and crainer and I love your videos

  13. 0:39 I thought Crainer would be more excited. B B B B B B B B B B B BOAT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. 𒐫l 𒐫l 𒐫l 𒐫l 𒐫l 𒐫l 𒐫l 𒐫l 𒐫l 𒐫l 𒐫l 𒐫l 𒐫 says:


  15. Josh number 1 phrase:that’s drawing is terrible
    (I mean I agree it’s kinda funny low)

  16. She draw like button i saw hidden like button below your but 👹

  17. Lol 😆 ubos na punchline youtube your pants or lol 😆 hahaha i'm jelly hahaha i'm jelly haha i'm jelly

  18. Dont try me josh im admin in rolblox ok

  19. You cant not kick me im da one who cant kick you

  20. Slogo sometime blackmailing people he does something weird and not something good

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