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HAL 9000 on skribbl.io #23

HAL 9000
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HAL 9000 it’s a draw bot for GNU/Linux, it’s a funny skribbl.io hack / bot I made for personal use, in this video is drawing on skribbl.io only, though it works on many other draw and guess games.

HAL 9000 is the best draw bot for such games, try to catch me in game, it’s awesome to see HAL 9000 in action!


I’m against a bad usage of this or any other similar program, this is why I’m against sharing HAL 9000 to you and if you are a programmer with at least two braincells I’m telling you to use at least one of them to think why you shouldn’t share your bot either.
The typical games where these bot work have a community not filtered by age, I personally think that the majority of their user base is made by children, but even if there were only one single child in their whole community this reasoning still: your bot in bad hands can draw things that a child shouldn’t see.
This is ETHIC, there are no excuses, you can’t allow moneys, subscribers, likes, stars or whatever other value you would think of as a motivation to share your bot, no one can buy ethic or you have no ethic. Experience the thrill of high-speed kart racing like never before with Smash Karts! Join the action-packed chaos and dominate the tracks in this adrenaline-fueled multiplayer game.

– my 2 braincells

Table of contents:
Robin Hood
Angelina Jolie
hot sauce
pine cone


  1. How this bot works so perfectly? I have downloaded one bot for auto draw from home but the details and colours aren’t great, can you show us download link or tutorial on this bot?

  2. "these bots are so stupid"
    hmmmmm that makes s e n s e

  3. Kermit:spatuala

    me:spatuala ……..then what happen to spongbob= spongebnob now?

  4. seen the bitches who want to kick you?

  5. HAL 9000: Luigi
    Kid: mario
    HAL9000: Hot Sauce
    Kid: bbq sauce
    HAL 9000: Pine Cone
    Kid: fireworks
    Other kid: fire work
    HAL 9000: Parachute:
    Kid: SNOWMAN
    HAL 9000: Cup
    Kid: can

  6. how do you can that? show my how you can do thes!???

  7. Draws Luigi

    It’s mario
    Duh it’s mario

  8. Hal: draws luigi
    Everyone: mario

  9. sometimes I just wonder if one of the people in the video is actually me a long time ago and I forgot about it

  10. It was Luigi and everyone said Mario smh

  11. draws Hippie


    Owo: GUITAR


    Idiot: IRON MAN

  12. people misspelling Luigi hurt me so much

  13. Draws a hug
    Everyone: Hip

    Why these people are having mental disorder?

  14. i dare you to deadass draw a whole damn picture (with background ) like a scenery

  15. kick the bot
    actually a human 🤠🤦‍♂️

  16. it's not a bot, its just a osu player practicing their drawing

  17. One person got so salty that HAL 9000 Got kicked from those idiots

  18. HAL 9000 : draws robin hood
    PILord : ninja turtle

  19. Word: cup
    Flynn: *random letters and numbers*

  20. Honestly I really believe one day you will have at least 1 million or 10 million subs I really do believe I might not know who or what or maybe if it’s you drawing it , it draws or he or her or you draws better than meh

  21. 0:43 this dude drew robin and some dude said ninja turtle so painful

  22. Bruh why someone saying bot they bots your hacker

  23. Why are they kicking him? Like he's just drawing are u jealous?

  24. Why people kicking him? He just playing games normaly

  25. “Ninja turtle” “clown show” bruhhhhhhh

  26. Gotta love how someone guessed ninja turtle on Robin hood

  27. At least someone said mug on the cup. I'll take that.

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