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HOmAr SAmPsoN – Skribbl.io Funny Moments

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I swear I’m the greatest artist of my generation.
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  1. enters a store
    Hey, do you got any cocunt??

  2. Does anyone know the song used at the begining of this video?

  3. It’s so hard to watch these…damn you Craig…

  4. Sometimes I forget how ridiculously hilarious these videos can be.

  5. Apparently this is my first liked video. I have liked 5000 videos and YouTube put this at the bottom of the list

  6. I was chilling watching this, and I got an ad saying China planned covid and they are spying on us and trying to take our freedom

  7. If I were to make this ep into 1 word it would be AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  8. can we take a moment to appreciate how good wildcat is at this game

  9. OK. Did anybody else get this Video in recommended even if u watched it 3 Times over the Last couple months

  10. The word is Popsicle. Smitty draws an iceicle.

  11. I know this is years old, but wow John and Smitty really do have the same brain

  12. The smitty in the thumbnail is like a kid showing his crappy drawing to his dad

  13. The thumbnail sould be in a smii7y prediction compilation

  14. Why am i watching this now?? YouTube… explain

  15. For soup you should have drawn the YouTuber soup lol 😂

  16. Smii7y, ummm, read my last name, then you’ll realize

  17. The way they all read “I bless the rains down in-“

  18. I personally prefer the “in order” way; but you do you. I’m going to watch it anyways.

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