Homer Simpson. That's It, That's the Title - SKRIBBLIO - nunchuckgames.com

Homer Simpson. That’s It, That’s the Title – SKRIBBLIO

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  1. 2:32 "brian: today we are gonna do something different… evan: you're gonna win?" haha those small comments here and there are to hilarious =)

  2. Really missing Blarg for that particular session.

  3. Jiggly’s laugh doesn’t go with his facial expression

  4. Я русский,и я ничего нипонимаю,но всё равно интересно просто смотреть и слушать!

  5. I'll be honest, Jiggly, I'm not a fan of these abrupt video endings.

  6. Jiggly looks so good. His weightloss is coming along so well. As for me, haha, i can't stop gaining weight during this quarantine

  7. did I just hear Nogla say “sounds like a kid’s drug”?

  8. The hand puppet comment at the end reminds me of Cards Against Humanity.

  9. It was really nice of Brian to include Pokémon,Jiggly seemed really excited about Wartortle which was fun.

  10. I want to know who won this session of Skribblio

  11. I laughed so much during this video that my throat hurts

  12. 6:23 I had to go back to hear that silenced burp again, because I could have sworn I heard a big bear growling.

  13. Panda's laugh is so precious hahaha must protecc

  14. Panda’s character could use its mouth for a circumcision with that tooth

  15. You should have called this video "DiagaNogla"

  16. I love how very firstly vanoss guesses carol baskin😂lmao

  17. What is anthony’s skribblio character? He screams for not even he knows.

  18. Totally missed out on calling him the cokie monster

  19. you should have drawn Olmwrecker for the Easter Bunny one

  20. Some of y’all would probably be in jail if the incognito man talked.

  21. Panda said he lives alone wut happened with melina

  22. 12:00
    I saw this before from different perspectives but this time I cried from laughing my stomach hurts😂😂

  23. Where can I purchase one homer lava lamp lol

  24. What they didn't relize was they were making choomas for the Big Lez Show

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