Horrendous Alien Burps + This Session is Just WEIRD - SKRIBBLIO - nunchuckgames.com

Horrendous Alien Burps + This Session is Just WEIRD – SKRIBBLIO

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  1. That was a alien in the beginning I was dying XD XD XD

  2. Never in my life I've pressed so many times the number 0 on my keypad just to go back at the start of the video.

  3. When Terroriser drew the "belly button" it reminded me of the music vodeo of the big bad wolf by duck sauce

  4. Tell the cat to go back up ninjas but he ruined it

  5. Not even the start of the video and the Almighty jiggles burps for the intro 😂

  6. Holy Jiggly! At first I thought you were naked!

  7. I spent the first 20 seconds trying to figure out if Jiggly was shirtless or not

  8. I love how this video has barely any editing and it is so funny

  9. Damn Jiggly when you burped I thought I heard the Imp from classic DOOM

  10. Someone needs to make a terroriser snort compilation, or meter.

  11. From the bowels deep inside the Jiggles, came a deep revolting mating call. arrructah

  12. I feel bad for the actor of admiral ackbar. He did a video about ep 8 and the true "fans" of star wars attacked him for feeling like his character diserved a better send off

  13. I can't stop laughing at Tyler – poor guy's probably miserable but his half-hearted 'what are youuu's with the tentacle monster are so funny

  14. It’s actually Nien Nunb he’s thinking of not Admiral Ackbar but I’m just a nerd so what do I know😝

  15. "I have to wipe, but it's my mouth" is such a mood

  16. jiggles worth burps are the funnest to hear

  17. "who has a nose that size?"

    Nigel Thornberry, thats who

  18. Welcome to Nogla's Logic! This episode! A face in the wrong place!

  19. Bigjigglypanda thank you for highlighting my previous comment it means a lot to me keep up the amazing work

  20. I wish Terroriser got the burp on his soundboard

  21. If you watch this at 144. Panda looks shirtless.

  22. I swear I could smell your burp through the screen

  23. This is one of the best videos I’ve ever seen

  24. The beginning wtf was that a god dam demigorgan

  25. Everybody talking about the burps at the beginning but what about the testicle nut squid at 15:12

  26. (0:00) – My toilet made a sound like that one time when I was trying to unclog it with a plunger. XD

  27. “Between two plants, that means you’re the soil” Thanks for that amazing insight Nogla

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