How Do They Guess So Fast?! (Skribblio) -

How Do They Guess So Fast?! (Skribblio)

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  1. Fantastic! I enjoyed this a lot! Thank youuuuu 🙂

  2. Goddamnit, Smiffy, you've already been sick once from chewing on your toenails. This is not the bloody time!

  3. That start

    That Mochi
    That Smith
    That primal fear and disgust in Ross's eyes

  4. I was not prepared for how this video opened up…

  5. They’ve gone from what they used to talk about to doing it themselves. Next thing you know Ross is going to be sucking poison out of Trott’s nob

  6. please more. please more. PLEASE MORE. please sir, can I have some more of this content?

  7. It's agitates me that Smith said ven-a-saur.. IT'S VEEN-A-SAUR!!

  8. I remember chat was absolutely roasting Scourgie during this lmao

  9. Is it just me are these guys on peak hilarious atm?

  10. Needed a good laugh today, and you all, of course, delivered instantly with that intro, hahaha
    Hope you three and all the other lovely Hat Boiks in this silly community of ours are doing well <3

  11. I love how 7/9 people voted to kick ross out

  12. Looking forward to the sick ass content. I really appreciate you accept all niche fetishes.

  13. I personally think they should just lock Smith in a room for a few weeks and just leave him make their merch alone. When ever Smith asks is this ok to be just ignored untill the weeks are over to see exactly what comes out of that mind.

  14. Just want to point out that they drew were switches, not horsewhips. Horsewhips are the ones on carriages and carts.

  15. the up/down vote does nothing as far as I can tell

  16. literally how the fuck did they get Shrek from that?…

  17. Maybe someday I'll join in on and play with you guys! Mochi is such a cute little floof. This episode of has nothing but dicks and balls! It never ends! XD

  18. When Smith uses a headset mic because he thinks the other one is a dildo

  19. hang on where have I seen the trott mouth mochi moment before I didn't watch it live

    edit: and the smith toe in mouth bit ffs smith

  20. I know it goes against all regulation, but if Craig put Smith's camera in the middle during virus times then the three boycs would all be roughly looking in each others direction.
    For that reason alone im sure Smith would bail

  21. Your videos always make me laugh. Keep up the great work!

  22. Sweet Jesus Scourgie's bad at drawing. His 'casino' made Smith look like Michaelangelo in comparison.

  23. Im pretty sure dogs and wolves bite each other over the snout like that as a regular display of dominance, so im not surprised mochi was chill about it

  24. I'm sorry, I only watched the first minute of the video and put it on repeat for about an hour

  25. Didn’t even realize there was background music until the last minute but it’s so relaxing lol

  26. I specifically love seeing you guys play with audience. Good dynamic ha

  27. Banned from Twitch for toe.

    It's okay, they have YouTube…

  28. 4:40
    I worry about that Unicorn with one testicle above it's dick, and one below

  29. Scourgie's drawings were awful, but they're better than what I could do. Also after the word came up I understood everything about the Casino one, I got the loaf (well, I thought it was some "bread" but close enough imo) and the tentacles were easy enough too.
    Good job, Scourgie.

  30. Damn I should put that poppy on my Instagram.

  31. Me and Ross had the same reaction at the start of the video

  32. Smith: Trott, suck mochi's nose.
    Trott: Does it
    Me: Eugh. Well, at least it can't get worse.
    Smith: Now watch me put my toe in my mouth!

  33. You guys getting the giggles makes us get the giggles

  34. I don't know what was more disturbing..finding out Smith's feet are even more weird looking than mine, or that he put it in his mouth…

  35. I need more and I need Scourgie to be a regular

  36. Ah fuuuuck I had no idea you guys were doing this, wish I had the right timing so I could've come and cleaned up. You guys are so bad… But you know that so it's fine!

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