How To Get Custom Words In -

How To Get Custom Words In

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I have gotten this question quite a bit recently so I best do it in video form so I don’t have to explain it over and over again hahaha.


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  2. I want to add you're and gay into my list how do I do that? please and thank you

  3. private game doesn't work for me, I click start and nothing happens and no one can join my lobby

  4. Just wanna ask, if i only put 10 custom words for example, does the game only consist of the 10 custom words or it will be mix with some default words?

  5. yeah but how can your friends type custom words

  6. I already know how to do this, im just sad that everytime i try to make a private room and ask if they have discord so i can send them the link they either:
    1. Don't have discord
    2. Only have discord on their phone

  7. my friend s cant type in their custom words
    how do you solve that

  8. Can my friends put custom words too if im the host?

  9. bro I play it on android crome and want to know if I want to unhide specific letter the how to do that? I tried to unhide 1st letter but it randomly unhides any word. can u tell how to unhide specific letter

  10. I legit wish it was easier to get random people in

  11. is there a limit to how many custom words you can add? i’ve added hundreds of words, commas in between, but while i play the game it always gives everyone the beginning words. i even double-checked and they all are under 30 characters.

  12. 30 characters per word? bit much right?
    edit: It says max i thought it meant min

  13. Is it case-sensitive? That is, will someone's guess be counted wrong if they capitalize it and I didn't (or vice-versa), but otherwise spelled it right?

  14. Is there a limit to how much custom words you could add?

  15. how can i make it so my friends and i can pick words?

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