How To Install AutoGuesser In (Quick and Easy) -

How To Install AutoGuesser In (Quick and Easy)

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Thank you all for watching this video, here are the links to the websites that I used in this video:

Link for Tampermonkey –

Link for Greasyfork –

Link for WordSleuth Mod –


  1. *{I put the links in the video if you can’t find them.}*

  2. i cant install tapermonkey theres no install button

  3. Not gonna lie but cheating destroys the feeling of game

  4. worked but it sucks i guess fastert than him

  5. It only shows export answers and download an random file
    , it doesn't showing answers

  6. how to delete that script btw nice video

  7. hello i was using this and entered a phrase in the chat bar and all of sudden that fraze turned into someone elses name and there like I didn;t say that and i was like that was me saying that. What went wrong there how to glitch it again?

  8. its on but how do I make it guess the words?

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