How to Play on Zoom (for Teachers) -

How to Play on Zoom (for Teachers)

Mike Stein Design
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  1. the teacher must be pretty chad to let their students play this on class

  2. I do not like this video i hate it because you uploaded it in a basement I own

  3. Thank you so much! My class has been talking about this game for so much, this is like tetris in my days.

  4. Are you trying to teach your class the wrong things?!?

  5. @Michael Stein , Thank you very much my class will now not beat me up with the belt.

  6. I will now draw funny in funny zeoom funny uhhhh funny

  7. Hey! @Micheal Stin, Thank you so much my class wont pull out their guns now! this is very much fun like in ww2!

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