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I am the MASTER of Skribbl.io!

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  1. I remember playing pictionary at my mom's friend's house when I was 9. My mom and the wife of the couple were on a team and it was me and the husband on the other. With obvious disdain for the partnership he drew his first card. It literally looked like an upside down L. First words out of my mouth – "CLOCK!! GRANDFATHER CLOCK!!!". All 3 of them took a second, and collectively all got up and got a drink after a load of congratulations. I equate that feeling to the HORRIBLE popcorn picture, but perfect guess

  2. A cable car is a car on rails that is pully up the track, if Aculite drew it more like a train with a cable at other side maybe you would have a better chance at guessing it? 🙂

  3. bro toms turns are the best. He draws slow enough that he doesnt reveal alot instantly but his drawings are also best.

  4. you should play Gartic Phone, you'll really like this game!

  5. Saw the South African Flag in the thumbnail and clicked immediately to represent my country.

  6. please do some geoguesser. these longer vids from these party games are great aswell.

  7. How dare you talk smack about the Simpsons!

    Hilarious clip

  8. Hahahaha its like they start drawing and already they like "horroble drawing!" Hahaha

  9. Love the drawings. Great job on the "youtuber" Stone 👏

  10. you gotta put some respect on Tomo's drawings

  11. lol it was I who guessed cemetery. those windows looked like tombstones at first idk😂

  12. Unsubscribe from Aculite and Fugqlet LOL my home country south africa

  13. Fugglets Parrot is the wildest thing I have ever seen. just how! 😀

  14. Stone for the win! It's awesome that you know the South Africa flag 🇿🇦 .

  15. lol fug somehow the most american person in the room when it comes to guessing other countries flags XD

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