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I Pranked My Friend By Drawing This! (skribbl.io)

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Who is the best artist? Picasso? Da Vinci? @Jelly ? @MisterCrainer ? Well, today you’ll all see that I am in fact the best artist on YouTube, as we play #skribblio !


  1. When crainer said his own brain is always off got me😂

  2. Jelly don't care about kids hearing bad word

  3. Jelly cusses right off the bat😂😂

  4. 19:57 when he drew the circle about 19 seconds ago I said astronaut

  5. Jelly woke up at the wrong side of the bed

  6. I will do one push up every like this comment gets

  7. Slogo love the content but if y’all allowed cussing these videos be bangers again still good but

  8. People who miss them swearing until they died

  9. Omg joshs birthday is on 16 may and mine is on 17 may

  10. Jelly sounds like when girls are on their period😂

  11. Sea 🌊 level is not that low at any of our major rivers so it’s probably best for them if they’re still on track but it’s still very much below 👇 if they don’t want us then it’s not going down so they don’t need a little higher to be honest but we have plenty more of it so I would just go for that if you can do a bit better with your hands on that as far away from your house 🏠 or whatever but it’s just something you can go on your way out there if that’s your way I don’t guess guess guess guess guess guess we’ll just see you guys then I’ll be fine for now thanks 😊

  12. Josh looks like he won'ts to kill jelly and crainer

  13. As a Filipino where The first karaoke machine invented. I am completeley offended By this Youtuber 😠"20:50"

  14. Play GTA again do the mercenaries mission it's in the avenger but buy it in the hanger put avenger in hanger then up grade it with Charlie mission

  15. bro really said "crainer you 💩 head" as in sh- in 3:55 got me dying😆

  16. bro said a cuss word, after and maybe his internet got shut down from family's in a totally different country that's crazy (7:34)

  17. 21:35 you guys just turned off your brains today *in the background *: no mine is always off had me die-a-did

  18. People that was born in the UK


  19. i love when you guys play this i laugh about one scene for the rest of the day

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