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I R VERY SMART – Skribbl.io Funny Moments

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Go ahead, try and guess my IQ. Be warned though, you probably can’t count that high.
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  1. The Great Burial Reefer has to be one of the funniest bits I’ve ever heard in my life 🤣 So great to hear everyone dying of laughter, especially Panda 😂

  2. that intro was how my last brain cell goes in an exam

  3. 7:50 Smii7y sure hit the nail on the head, Prediction Master.

  4. I feel like smii7y and Vanossgaming have the same brain

  5. Why is this video titled:I R Very Smart.But you got last place.

  6. Anthony's laugh is hella contagious tho

  7. One question what is "winnie the pooh"?

  8. kryoz only continues the honey bit to hear smii7y laugh

  9. Where is Yexas in the superpower drawing?

  10. This game is dead now thanks to Gartic Phone 😂

  11. I got an advertisement for "saving the turtles" after they started talking about The Great Barrier Reefer!!!!!! LOL

  12. Jiggles was drawing a Toguepi at the end of the video

  13. I know i'm late, but what if i told everyone, I once drew Homer Simpson for an Art project, that was gonna be like 50% of our grade.
    We were supposed to make "our own version" of Mona Lisa, so it was important to have a specific background, and the arms to cross like they do on the real Mona Lisa. So i made Homer, with a Donut in the background. Honestly, I think i spent way too much brainpower on that shit.

  14. my face hurts from laughing at the "burial reefers"

  15. I can’t eat or drink anything while watching this or I will choke. It almost happened, I almost inhaled a strawberry at the end 🤣

  16. I love how Jiggly is like "those are lips" but the way he drew them makes it look like just an upper lip, which also looks like a mustache lmfao

    A lot of miscommunication there, Anthony haha

  17. The Great Burial Reefer is still one of my favorite moments of SMii7Y's career on YouTube. Just the most headass thing he has ever said 😂

  18. im gonna be honest im also colorblind and thought the lantern was red

  19. the video is just kryoz having 1 braincell for 16 minutes and 6 seconds

  20. big funi haha big haha XD haha funi vid tah eo and it is the haha funi big funny haha XD lmao lol haha vieo i had is laughg

  21. 6:36
    Smii7y: "well johns colorblind so"
    John that exact moment: types red lantern

  22. He is the only youtuber that makes me actually laugh

  23. Holy shit the first seconds were like an intro to a country song. Is it just me??

  24. Y'all should use the custom words only on one of these videos, I think there'd be a lot of really good content from that, plus throwing matt into the mix too! I think that'd be an amazing video!!

  25. 1:51
    It looks like homer simpson uad a love child with ugandan knuckles

  26. Didn't know that John was color blind can't see day color bich

  27. Hate on me all you want, but I actually like the Green Lantern movie

  28. I watched the entire video only to hear John say "gib honey."

  29. I love how they make gun of eatchother and just luagh

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