I Thought Nogla was Bad at Drawing...Then I Met Blarg - SKRIBBLIO - nunchuckgames.com

I Thought Nogla was Bad at Drawing…Then I Met Blarg – SKRIBBLIO

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  1. Anyone else want to see Blarg and Nogla in the same session? 🤣🤣


  2. That beach is the background of Tom Fawkes's intro

  3. The word is not beef, but it rhymes with beef. Yes, sink rhymes with beef

  4. I thought he was going to draw big ole nipples for pepperoni

  5. Homer will always live cause jiggly always draws him as much as vanoss

  6. Fun fact, an F5 tornado has as much energy as a Hiroshima Bomb.

  7. Every time they type beef I get flashbacks to veef beffer and I can't handle it

  8. Why did the champagne have the face of a man 💀

  9. Imagine if Panda played Skribblio with Blarg, Nogla, and Vanoss. What beautiful disaster that would be.

  10. picked the wrong time to be eating the nutella to go cups with the breadsticks they give you

  11. Out of every single video I have watched, with you in it your laughs are my favorite idk why but you make me laugh the most

  12. Imagine somebody draws your favorite animal and or what you’re known for but you don’t get the answer

  13. Jiggly’s laugh just makes me smile, he’s the kind of person you wanna keep happy so they don’t break anything.

  14. Anthony’s laugh at 7:00 minutes reminded me of a vehicle when it doesn’t wanna start up😂😂😂

  15. you give it away to your friends with simple hints and make it way to easy for them jiggles, they dont do the same for you

  16. Are we just going to ignore toofbruish from blarg when the word was Champaign?

  17. Am I the only one that thinks of futurama when champagne is brought up with the way Zap Branegen says it.

  18. As an artist…I just…just…
    My soul has been scarred…

  19. blarg drawing and trying to explain is like watching and listening to a 2 year old xD

  20. Am I the only one that doesn’t get why they were laughing at the rake thing? I don’t get the drawing or the joke

    Please help

  21. Why is it that the only way I could remember the word Vatican was to replay the lyrics to Ex-Wives from Six: The Musical in my head? Why does my mind work this way lol

  22. Unrelated but, my friend told me to make everything my teacher said sound dirty minded. Then the teacher read the title of a book called “It Looks Like Spilled Milk”

  23. 🐼🐼🐼 here are pandas to brighten your day

  24. 7:29 how ironic how Panda was the only one who didn’t get it

  25. Blarg has become the new Nogla in Skribblio.

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