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I tried playing Skribbl.io… 😳

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I tried guessing drawings on Skribbl.io… Let’s see how this turns out.


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  1. What i heard "alright were playing sbrible eo

  2. why does he sound like Ranboo so much??🤯🤔😱

  3. Bruh i was playing this for like 3 hours

  4. What's the point of guessing when you just write the word

  5. It lookt like a piece of cheese but that is not enoughf letterd

  6. Also it’s scribble .IO
    You are taking theI
    IO if it was Io

  7. Am I the only one when he said 12345678 I said in my bank account

  8. S꙲i꙲x꙲t꙲y꙲ n꙲i꙲n꙲e꙲ u꙲p꙲v꙲o꙲t꙲e꙲s꙲♻️❎✅✖️

  9. People that write out the word should go to hell

  10. People writing out the word kills the fun. Like their goal is to make sure they can let people guess just with art and clues,not to be spoonfed.

  11. Thry didn't write the word just gave s huge hint
    Somebody could still write honeycock

  12. dude people who give out the words should burn in the bottom layer of hell

  13. honeyco??
    i can imagine someone putting c and k in there💀

  14. Man! The people who write the word are cringe. This game is for drawing for people to guess! Not for drawing and writing out the word and making everyone guess.

  15. Honeycombs are hexagons and that’s an octagon…

  16. I love going into games like this and reporting people who write out the word

  17. Bro is using the Wii photo channel music 💀💀

  18. Erm actually honeycomb is made of hexagons 🤓

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