Illustrators Play - Funny Moments -

Illustrators Play – Funny Moments

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Video Description: Funny moments with some of my new illustration friends. I personally had a blast and you guys should totally check them out!

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  2. You dying of laughter is probably the most funny reaction ive ever seen, keep killing it lmao

  3. That Dora drawing actually made me cry 😂

  4. Get your handsoutthe camera, uou look like your trying to slap smthin

  5. no recommendations just thought of this when i was high

  6. Those guys : take the game seriously

    Vanoss : tImE tO dRaW hOmEr SiMpSoN fOr ThE 248tH tImE!

  7. the dude who called anubis "nasus" is probably playing league too much 😀

  8. I play this game and people think I’m hacking because I can draw

  9. Them: draws a 3D model
    me: draws a block

  10. As non native speaker watching americans struggle with their own language (as result of their education systems) is entertainment enough

  11. Can we talk about that his auto correction wants to write the word anus?

  12. Oglądałem wiele tego typu filmików i nasuwa mi sie jedno pytanie, amerykanie serio są tak mało inteligentni?

  13. He reminds me of TwoMad a little, but like in a good way

  14. We didn't watch this for seeing people draw like gods
    but we watched this to see people struggle predicting such easy drawings
    and to also see them misspell stuff lmao

  15. You might be the worst Scribble Io guesser in history lmfao

  16. I’m 12 years old and i spell better than that

  17. This guy looks and sounds like two mad… but normal

  18. this is like seeing a soldier playing airsoft

  19. Don't mean the disrespect, but this is agonizing to watch. He didn't guess that much and when it's his time to draw, he didn't even draw anything.

  20. The hamburger part was hilarious.

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