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IMAGINATION – Funny Moments

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  1. Thank you for making me happy lmao. You made me happy and I was just crying I'm glad I have you 🙂

  2. Shout out that Titan track in the very beginning I see you Smii7y you weeb

  3. I wish I had friends to play Scribble with me…

  4. Bro when the intro song just started I was like ohhhh nooooo but then it was something different

  5. Smii7y is the embodiment of "crackhead energy"

  6. I jus realize he used the aot song when he typed imagination

  7. alright guys use your imagination for this one eren transformation starts playing

  8. Took them 50 seconds to type the word imagination

  9. Hold up. The attack on titan theme song in the beginning kinda sounds like it says Its the Stanley steamer!!!

  10. 2 years later and I still find it hilarious that Smii7y used the attack on titan theme for imagination

  11. 2020: at 8:29 during Quarantine.
    What's the first thing that comes into your head?

  12. I laughed so hard this video that I literally almost died

  13. Okay but the aot music at the beginning

  14. Marcel: my goals are beyond your understanding

  15. The start is one of my favorite clips of all time

  16. We all know you guys script your intros because you want to get monetized.
    As if you need any more money than you already have.

  17. bro smii7y using an aot song really got fucked up!!!! LMAOOO

  18. I think I fell more in love with snotty when he used the Attack on Titan song. Omg

  19. I should not be eating blueberries while watching this

  20. I have no idea why YouTube is saying the video is private for some people. To my knowledge, if you refresh the video it should fix it. I apologize on YouTube's behalf because honestly it seems like both of us have NO idea what's going on with the site.

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